Casa Platino Cotton Oversized Bath Sheets- 3 Pack

I just received these towels today. The colors are good, I picked beige, but I have to be honest I expected the towels to be a little thicker. I would say for the price they are acceptable but I have seen much thicker towels for a little more money that are much more thicker. If you are looking for super thick towels, you may be a little disappointed. Otherwise they are good towels for the price.

If you google around, you’ll find that 550 GSM is a good middle weight towel. For super thick towel, you look for 600-800 GSM. Those will take longer to dry, of course.

Those “bath sheets” look a lot like towels.

Bath sheets are larger than regular bath towels. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the dimensions of these bath sheets?

We have it in the features: 66 inches long x 35 inches wide.