Casabella Citrus Juicer & Reamer

Aw, guys, now COME-ON. Woot can do better than this!

The manufacturer/supplier is selling the same Casabella Juicer & Reamer, albeit in a different color for $7.49! (the price is $12.99 here on; the LIST price is $14.99). Even the mother-ship ( sells this for $9.72 in the green color. has a reputation to maintain of selling the cheapest crap around! Even (especially) if its really an ugly & unwanted color. And now that has been butchered by BestBuy, where are all of us cheapskates going to go to mooch-off rich corporate-types like you?

Anyway, thank you very much for listening, even if it won’t get me a cheap manual hand-powered juicer!!! And please don’t go the way of Cowboom!!!

Hey p3450,

You’re right. We could do better. Price has been lowered.