Casablanca 60-Inch Ceiling Fans - Your Choice

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Is there a model number? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I sent a note to the buyers, I’ll let you know what I hear back.


Oh, an uplight! My wife and I had a ceiling fan in the bedroom with an uplight and we used to call it the “Barry White” light. It’s nice for setting a mood and I’m sure would work in certain rooms/situations.

I wish this had a downlight, however. Without a downlight, you’re limited to where you can put this.

Just a reminder when buying a ceiling fan, 60" IS A BIG FAN. If you are thinking about getting one for your bedroom, I would advise a 44" - 52". A 52" five blade fan is the most popular size in North America and can accommodate a room up to 220 square feet. Casablanca is a very nice fan manufacturer, but FYI, they also own Hunter Fans (Home Depot). Good luck and happy buying!

Does the fan come with a short down rod for installation closer to the ceiling???

I have a casablanca fan in my family room. It has been running non-stop for about 8 years. Still going strong. Quiet. A great product.

I need a 60" fan for my bonus room (19’ x 22’) but I don’t think this will provide enough light. I’m also not sure why this fan is so expensive. $250 seems closer to normal price for this doesn’t it?

Light kits for fans are easily obtained, AS ARE shorter down rods.

If anyone is comparison shopping, note that this purportedly includes fan, blades AND wall control.

Amazon listing for Holliston says $308 and that it’s a DC motor, which is a big silent plus!

Does the wall control include a remote?

Why is this in “TOOLS and GARDEN”, is it waterproof for outdoor use???
WOOT sucks since it was taken over by Amazon!!!

I agree

I THINK I have the same fan in my master br.

note: the switch is a big PITA.

5 buttons, push to set, and tricky to change speeds, and turn on uplight.

on mine, it had (about) 5 chandelier sized bulbs. (above the light)…

I put some CFL bulbs in there to throws more light.

bottom line: great fan, not so great switch.

After finding the instructions, the wall switch is definitely not a remote control. Looks like you have to buy either a w-64 for dual lights if adding a down-light kit, or a w-65 if just using the uplights. About $50 either way to get remote ability.

Update: So, it appears that the wall control is, indeed hard-wired and MUST be used to control the fan.

Sorry for the delay, here’s ya some model numbers:

Casablanca 60-Inch Ceiling Fan, Snow White w Snow White Blades
Casablanca 60-Inch Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Clove Blades
Casablanca 60-Inch Ceiling Fan, Antique Pewter with Dark Walnut Blades