Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese (3)

Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese 3-Pack
$55.99 $̶9̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 43% off List Price
2007 Rosso della Porticcia Riserva – Montecucco DOC
2 2008 Rosso della Porticcia Montecucco DOC

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Previous offer:

At least this “international offering” ships to Washington State, so had to buy just because of that.

CT has goofy drinking window dates for a vintage not offered here. Anyone in the know have better info?

Cesare was the last wooter on the prior offering. What say you about this offering? Not that it impacts my purchase as I was first sucker. But curious about any thoughts assuming any have been drunk. I have trouble keeping up the drinking/gifting with my purchases.

Found a blog with some info:

I like this offer. Can’t go in, but I would if it weren’t for the SWMBOIWBM.

I’m in! So happy to see an Italian offering. Hope to encourage more…

Dear Woot: Please find a Sangiovese that can be shipped to TN. Thank you.

Dear Everyone Else: Be sure to through up some tasting notes or feedback! Thanks!

Vino noceto which gets offered here a couple times a year ships to TN.

from California though.

I only had the 2008 so far but really enjoyed it. Kind of in between new world and old world especially since it’s 100% sangio. So definitely not Noceto but not an old world “Chianti” blend either (which are generally not 100% sangio). Nice amount of restrained fruit, some earthiness. Decent acidity. Almost a little on the simple side but solid. Great price though. Even better because one bottle is a riserva which I suspect is quite a bit better.
Kicking myself I have’t tried it yet… but no time today.

I wish I could go in on this as I really enjoy Sangio! I have not had an Italian yet and this seems like a good offer. Drat stinking VA!!!