Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese (3)

Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese 3-Pack
$55.99 $̶1̶0̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2007 Rosso della Porticcia Riserva – Montecucco DOC
2 2008 Rosso della Porticcia Montecucco DOC

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Where’s all the wine drinkers? Talk to me!

Where were you yesterday with all my good questions?

As to your question: it’s Friday night! We’re drinking wine (duh!). Tonight mine was Emergency Holiday Provisions (2005) not stored well over the intervening years but it was SINGING after 4 or 5 hours open. A beautiful sangiovesse

Belated acknowledgement of questions granted. Now how about this wine?

It’s big in Maryland? I’d be happy to buy it if I were in the third of the country that’s still allowed to use winewoot, but I’m not, so I won’t.

Unfortunately, we’re in States that you no longer can sell to…

I would think this selling/shipping debacle is costing WW at least 35% or more of their revenues.

I equate it to the businesses trying to survive an entended road closure. Egads…I hope this ends soon.

I know that 2007 was a very good year in this area but have no clue as to 2008. Anyone?

This offer looks a lot like the vino Nocetto sangiovesse offers. Anyone know how these stack up to those? Reserva or standard?

CT reports some wooters have consumed both of these, including the exalted taste-master supreme.
Pony up your notes peeps!

Anyone fron One Vine Wines able to sell to those of us that can’t Woot?

2008, smoky in Cali don’t think the smoke reached across the pond in Tuscany :slight_smile: . Great juice but we (GA) can’t buy from W.W. anymore like (almost) everyone else. I check every night but I’m almost done with it. Sad. Can’t the mothership throw its weight around on this?