Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent

Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent

The wootbot thumbnail images stopped displaying for me a couple days ago. It’s now just an image link. Anybody else having this issue?


Yeah, I put in a TT about it this morning. I think it stopped yesterday but not positive.

TT put in a TT?

I noticed it with the catshirt listing during mischief tv yesterday, but figured it would have corrected itself later.

Twin Turbo. Time Trials. TeeTurtle. ThunderThighs. Trouble Ticket. Audi TT.

Yeah, Trouble Ticket. It confused me for quite a while when we started using that acronym. I shouldn’t have sued it here but I was rushing through things this a.m.

The forum team figured it out. I ain’t gonna resave everything but it should be fixed soon.

I know. :slight_smile:


I actually noticed broken picturest last night on a couple of sales. But I had bigger fish to fry (sorry pengie) and didn’t mention it. They would be better served by proofreading the sale blurbs with an English-speaking intern or something before they are posted.