Case Logic 6” Flexible Tripod

GSI 4×6 High Gloss Digital Photo Paper 10 Sheets


this is also a great toy for small children!

good deal. if i didn’t recently buy one of these, i’d now have one.

LOL they STILL have these things?

These are very cool, and sell for about 15 dollars. Mount your camera anywhere (almost)!

These little tripods work GREAT !

Where the HELL is my RaNdOm CrAp woot???

Crap, I just bought a gorillapod for $21!

NOOOOOOOOOOO Not this ugly creature again.

this just looks like a dumb idea for a product.

Picked one up. Should be handy


Only light cameras need apply - this won’t hold the heavier ones that well…

just like craigslist, wtf?

i lol’d

these work pretty well

w t f is this?? BOOO


isn’t this the massager they sell at bath boutiques?