Case the Place

What do you all have against Cab’s???

Holy Moly! I saw Scott Harvey and I immediately started to drool… But I’m not familiar with this Beso. Anyone?

Some good info from the previous offer of the Scott Harvey Beso Mixed Case: August 2, 2014

Yep! Good info there!

Also check out Scott Harvey’s “one last kiss” on CT as it’s apparently the same red blend according to the board.

Usually my liver.

Not to rub it in, but FedEx brought me (2) 3L and (2) 1.5L bottles of Jana Cathedral today. I’m trying to maintain concentration at work with them staring at me from the desk top…

thats some good stuff, I have about 9 bottles lying down right now.

Any way to get this delivered to Louisiana?

It depends on whether the winery has a license to ship to Louisiana. When they do, Louisiana is listed as a “ship to” state at the bottom of the sale’s detail page.

Question Mr. Cab and to anyone else: a friend recently gifted me a 1996 Chateau St Jean Cinq Cepages. Have you ever had it? Recommendations on how and when to drink this? Not sure how it was stored. Plan to ask next weekend when I see him about the bottle’s history.

Nice gift!

For what it’s worth, that was named Wine Spectator’s “Wine of the Year” in 1999. I had a bottle and opened it a year or so ago. It was delicious. I don’t have tasting notes handy but will look for them tomorrow.

I was aware of the award. Glad to hear someone has had it and liked it. Big, traditional cab or something else?

Always great to back on Woot. The Beso wines are the same wines as the One Last Kiss bottlings. We tried to produce a label for the Latin market, but it has not worked. So, in the future we’ll still be dong the One Last Kiss wines, but will no longer produce the same wines under the Beso label. In my last life I ran a winery called Flie a Deux. I created a product called Menage a Trois. Since I went to winemaking school on the boarder of France and Germany I wanted to create a blend that tasted like an Alsatian Gewurztraminer. The white version did well, so I created a red version using Zinfandel as the bigger part of the blend. In 2004 we sold Folie a Deux to Sutter Home and they took the Menage a Trois to extremely high levels in sales. I have a lot of respect for Sutter Home and for what they have done with Menage a Trois. After the sale, Jana and I took our proceeds and with investors started our own wine company. One Last Kiss is very similar to the original Menage a Trois when I created it. I

I have had Chateau St Jean Cab as a daily drinker, not sure the
Cinq Cepages. I do like their wines, hardier than most $10 to $12 wine’s, if stored right “96” s/b a good year.

Hi Scott, Just got the huge Reserve Barberas. Thanks, and signing them does make them special, but I’m gonna drink 'em anyways.

One Last Kiss, Red and White was enjoyed by all at my daughter’s wedding on the 4th of July.
And this is a GREAT deal.
Gotta get a case.

Thanks for the info Scott Harvey! I’m in for a case!

Your cabs are great and I’m looking forward to trying the Barbera that just came in… and now this one! I’m sorry it didn’t work with the Latino crowd, but haha I like that it’s going to be a limited edition! I’m willing to bet that I’m going to like this (a lot) more than the current
Menage a Trois wine on the market. Very interesting stuff!!