Casey Flat Ranch Estate Red Wine (3)

Casey Flat Ranch Estate Red Wine 3-Pack
$79.99 $160.00 50% off List Price
2012 Casey Flat Ranch Estate Red Wine
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Alright, who left the crickets in the Woot cellar? I turned on the lights this morning and it’s nothing but "chirp - chirp - chirp’

I know I have seen a bottle from the same winery labeled CFR here and on another flash site at a considerably lower price point. Not sure what the difference was though aside from label.

You did. That was different juice. That was the Casey Flat Ranch Open Range Red Wine 6-Pack for $64.99.

Comments or thoughts?

Thanks for the refresher, was feeling too lazy to look it up.

not sure if this such a great deal, firstly its full retail ont he website for 45. so its a 3rd off that. best cabs from the valley are rated 90 and routinely retail for 30 bucks.

Hi Y’all
This wine is incredible. Its drinking great right now…yum!

This is a small production (1039) cases blend and its 2012…Some more popular cabernet brands on selling 2013 at a much higher volume. This is still a deal :slight_smile:

Does anyone know why the price has changed? When I logged in this morning it was $79.99 and now it is showing $89.99. I’m new-ish to Woot have not yet seen this happen. Is it common?

A $10 price increase makes this an easy pass.

Miscommunication. We’re changing out the sale. Sorry about that.