Casio Exilim 10MP Digital Camera

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Casio Exilim 10MP Digital Camera
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Casio Exilim EX-S5PE Purple 10MP Digital Camera w/ 2.7" LCD and 3x Zoom

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does this have red eye reduction feature?

thank god its pink or I would not have wooted

here’s CNet’s review

Found a review

my 10mp exilim isn’t as pretty as this one, but it is a GREAT camera. excellent quality.

Def pink. Not purple.

I had an old Exilim camera, they are really good. I like the settings they have.


Red-green color blind I’ve heard of.


Purple = Red + Blue

Purple - Red = Blue

Why does the description say Purple?

EDIT: Now I see some pink in it… but this really doesn’t help my case.

Does it only come in purple? Because I won’t buy it if there are any other options.

Is it really purple? It looks pink or red to me.

It’s not pink! It’s…lightish red!

Mixed reviews on Amazon

Is it possible to edit videos directly on the camera with the YouTube capture mode?

CNET review

$98.00-$135.00 from Best Buy

Best Buy has them for $110

I got one, I just ordered 3 more for family… Great price, Love it

Does it have face recognizing feature?

Goes on Amazon for $89.99

$15 less here, after shipping. Great camera, one of the better point and shoots out there(Behind Canon, of course)

Go for it. If I had the money, I so would.