Casio Exilim 12.1MP Digital Camera

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Casio Exlim 12.1MP Digital Camera
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Casio EX-Z90 12.1MP Digital Camera w/2.7" LCD, 3x Optical Zoom and HD Video

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here’s the product website

and the user manual

It’s too bad the product name is actually “Exilim”, and not “Exlim” like they published…

I love these little cameras. They shoot excellent pictures and the youtube video format really saves a lot of time from converting and uploading. Great buy!

2 review at amazon. Web site is

Here are the two reviews
4 stars
For the money you cannot buy a better digital with hd video. The only
drawback with this camera is in hd mode you have a maximum recording time
of 10 minutes. In lower quality mode you do not have that limit. The
digital stills are much better then my last Casio EZ-80, much richer
and not as much noise. But I bought this camera for the HD Video capability,
it is amazing for the price. Also this new movie format is AVI which is
a lot more user friendly then the quick time mode of the EZ-80.

Next one
1 star
All Casio Exlim software is the same apparently. It’s a nightmare! We all transfer images to computer and rename them to something we can comprehend so we can find hem again. But rename it on the memory card and you will never be able to view it via the camera - even tough it is there you are told “File cannot be viewed” - this tricks you into thinking the file is corrupt and you deleted perfect pics!

Rename the file in your computer directory and copy import it back to the Camera and you loose the filename you can understand and it’s renamed some absurd number = and round and round you go from absurdity to absurder. When you again copy pics back to your computer you will not have three pics with different file names only one of which can be viewed on the camera. This confusion and inconsistency by design is maddening. Product support is worse than bad.

A wonderful camera but far, far, far too complicated. Software replete with maddening design flaws make file management a nightmare. Want to drive yourself totally out of your mind? Then buy this camera. If you want to avoid frustration, inconsistency, absurdity, get something else. If you want to be driven nuts by convoluted software that delivers absurd results then this camera is four you.

I have an Exilim (it’s only a 7.2MPX) and I love it. The Best Shot options are great. And it’s thin enough to keep in the front pocket of my jeans when I’m out.

Hate - I repeat HATE Casio cameras. Drop them once and they are toast - either a piece of plastic busts off or the lens gets bent. This model lasted all of 40 minutes out of the package - fell off of the desk and onto a carpeted floor, bending the lens. Thankfully they took it back on return and I bought a panasonic - much more rugged.

Exilim, not Exilm.


I still love ya, Woot!

EDIT: Fixed, and that’s why I love ya!

I had no idea that Casio made digital cameras. How do they rate compared to other brands? In the better range like Nikon on lesser like Kodak?

Can the “youtube” sticker be taken off?

I heard these cameras go great with the Sunpak Digital Camera Tripod

I’ve had some troubles with the battery on this model (it literally just quit and refused to recharge), but I called Casio tech support and they were more than happy to send me a new one. The second one they sent me has been working great ever since.

*EDIT: Here’s a link to the FAQ about this problem, including another link to the technical support in case it happens to you.

I wouldn’t think they would compare if you never heard of them, but the pixels at this price is astounding… buy this camera if you don’t have one or need a back up one.

If you drop your camera, you obviously don’t care enough about it and are clumsy. I have never dropped a single camera in my entire liiiii… oh hell!

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Sounds like a great camera if you’re the kind of person who likes to spend a summer wasting. Or if there’s too much love to go around or something like that.

Yes, it can. You can try a little “goo-gone” or rubbing alcohol on it if you need to dissolve the adhesive.

I disagree. I’ve had mine for approx. 2 years now, and I’ve dropped it plenty of times on several different floors/grounds. I guess it you’re bashing it against the wall, yeah, it might break.

This digital camera seems nice and all, but my old-fashioned film loading one does a perfectly good job at stealing souls thank-you-very-much.

I’ll admit I did have the similar problem with mine, but only after about a year of using the same one.

This is a great price. I payed about $60 more for mine.