Casio Exilim 12.1MP Digital Camera

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Casio Exilim 12.1MP Digital Camera
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well its a bit cheaper than on Amazon.

Did we determine if that YouTube sticker comes off?

If you have an iPhone 4, you only need it on trips. Nothing else. The photos are spectacular. No need to lug a crappy point and shoot with you. Yes, a 12mp DSLR is necessary, but not this.


3.5 stars, I’m tempted though…


test video

After the 2nd day… the camera started giving BUSY errors between shots. We replaced the SD card and that did not help. Then the camera started wiping the SD card… automatically! I lost several pictures. I put in a different SD card and it got wiped too! So, it’s going back. It’s just too new and again, either the bugs have not been worked out yet or… i simply got a dud.

Product manual:

Not a lot of reviews on Buzzillions. Just one, that I found.

wasn’t woot selling the same camera but 4x zoom for the same price during the wootoff?

Re-post of sorts:

PC World’s fall 2010 reader satisfaction survey on digital cameras put Casio at 3rd best:

PC Magazine’s summer 2010 reader survey had Casio about middling quality:

with popup chart:,1871,iid=267324,00.asp

Earlier Casio I bought as gift has worked out decent.

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Read once that it’s handy to have a inexpensive digital camera in the car in case (e.g., car accident, quick shot of something you see, etc.) or on hand for similar needs, like taking pictures of the rental car to document any damage before you drive off the lot. A camera that’s adequate, small, and not so expensive you fear losing it. This price might be right for me. I’ll just hope it’s not sold out when I wake up.

I have the 14 MP version of this camera, takes a nice picture and a decent video. I’ve never really been a fan of phone pictures, they’re fine for a moment but cameras are better for lasting photos. The sticker is indeed removable, and the battery is great. Infact i have not had to recharge it yet and it’s lasted through a family video and a birthday party.

Casio are decent little cameras, but don’t expect great photos at this price. Most of their lower price cameras take pretty poor photos in low light. Even at 200 ISO, noise is evident.

On the other hand, Casio designs and makes their own cameras. They program the algorithms and designed many of the chips. At its best, their cameras can compete with Canon, Nikon, etc. That’s pretty good, considering that at %49.99, you’d generally be getting generic Chinese-made cameras re-branded by Polaroid, Vivitar, etc. With Casios, you get a real manual in perfect English, true support, updates, etc. Plus, this is NEW, not refurbed.

In terms of videos…


  • You can zoom during video recording
  • It uses the AVI container, which is the most popular home format by far. That means that all Windows software can edit it. And you can simply plug your SD card into digital frames, media players and DVD players that can play videos. That’s not the case with MOV files.


  • Video picture is noisy in low light
  • This is NOT HD, which is the standard these days. The resolution is only 848x480, although the aspect ratio is 16:9 widescreen
  • It uses the Motion JPEG (MJPG) compression, which is the least efficient CODEC used today. Better cameras use H.264, which can hold about 4X more video of similar quality in the same amount of space

This is a great camera for a tween or young teen. Pretty easy to use, and has all your basic features. Grandma would like it too.

I went back and checked the community and yes, it was there and that version had horrible reviews. Still trying to decide if this one will make a good first camera for a 12 year old.