Casio Exilim 14.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and 2.7" LCD

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I bought this camera last time it was on woot! Verrrry good camera. Out of 5 stars, I would have to say video quality is a 3 and pictures are a 5. Love this camera!

What was decided last time this was on Woot - does the YouTube sticker come off?


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Not a bad price here…a bit more at Amazon…


But…lousy reviews there…

Also…firmware updates for this camera…

And one more thing…

“It offers good image quality and performance, however it will have some trouble focusing in low-light conditions due to not having a focus assist lamp.”

Pretty good reviews on this website!!

Previous woot from last month-comments:

Unboxing video

video ad

HD test video

I think the last time, the answer was yes, it does come off. I haven’t read through all of the previous woot comments, though.

Update, “yes”:

is this camera good for photographing cute robots?

Some stuff about megapixels and point-and-shoot digicams:

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I bought this last time it was on woot, and my favorite thing about it so far is that its pink.

On the whole, it’s a really neat camera. It has a ton of preset settings for various situations and I amused myself for a few hours, easily, just playing with those.

The youtube sticker DOES come off.

Found that on average, the camera does three things I’m not particularly happy with: while it has more megapix and zoom than my Kodak Easy Share, for detailed shots, the Kodak kicks this one’s butt. Given, I’m just an amateur photographer, but even on the highest settings I’m seeing the Kodak winning out (7.1mp on that camera).

Second, there’s a tiny, itty bitty line across several images - probably due to my settings, but it’s not related to the lens, doesn’t happen persistently, and shows up in annoying frequency on certain settings. I may just have a defective model, I dunno.

Last, the images tend to be heavy on the red spectrum, something I take care of pretty easily in PhotoShop.

For the money, this camera is hands down kick ass. I absolutely love the preset settings and the included filters (and gif maker! It has a gif maker!) are pretty awesome. Recommended, even with my complaints. :slight_smile:


PC Magazine summer 2010 Casio cameras fair quality on reader survey:

with table:,1871,iid=267324,00.asp

but did above average on PC World fall reader survey:

The cheaper one I bought on Woot in past still holding up, decent quality.

Someone actually recorded an unboxing video of a $100 camera?

I bought this same camera at Costco for $20 more a few weeks ago. It’s pretty nice and easy to use. No complaints here, but I mostly use it take extreme closeups of my face.

This is good info to read btw. +1 for posting this.

I “upgraded” to a higher megapixel camera, mostly to replace a camera my wife dropped. Yes, SHE dropped it and mostly broke it. And found it to take great pics, as long as I ran it through a basic noise filter first off before using the pics.

Keep in mind, the noise was only apparent if I tried to utilize full resolution pics at 11x17 or whatever it takes, as a 4x6 it’s not really noticeable to anyone but me. The old camera with 4ish less megapixels easily smoked the new one with quality pics at a max of 8x10 and looked flawless even at full res.

One thing I loved about this camera (sadly, it got broken) was the manual focus that actually works well. That’s somewhat rare in a point and shoot…got some fabulous photos out of it. I had the pre-YouTube-ready version but otherwise the exact same camera. Worked absolutely great until someone else dropped it.

Casio rates average on reliability and image quality, but this Exilim (and similar models) sure does feel great in your hand. It’s really thin, but it still feels solidly constructed.

It’s the handiest camera I’ve tried that’s still of decent quality.