Casio Exilim 14.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and 2.7" LCD

Yes, the YouTube sticker comes off.

And no, it does not make you look cool on YouTube.

Two many cameras.

Is Youtube Capture Mode just a fancy way of saying it can take videos…?

Has society really been reduced to that?

I have this one. Pretty decent. Now buy it. Buy 3!

Got one of these a couple weeks back. Solid camera, easy to use.

At least gives us a camera with decent optical zoom.

does this have RedTube mode?

Anyone else seeing a trend here? My guess is that if a Camera is for sale on Woot more than 10,000 times, it’s probably not nearly as good as it’s spun to be

What’s with all the cameras? Are these the new Roombas?

@ACDawg @tthighs_woot May want you too, but I’m good.

Mod addition:

User addition:

cameras what? Balderdash!

I really like Casios for the price. I believe they are of great quality. I don’t know much about this one but I really liked the 10MP one that came out a few years back. I don’t know about the youtube part though? Seems kind of weird, maybe it shoots in a format that is optimal for youtube?

Holy shit


Is actually a website for midrange point and shoot camera lovers and nobody told me?

i haz skillz

“YouTube™ Capture Mode allows you to easily share your memories with family and friends because it records and saves movies at the ideal settings for uploading to YouTube™”




Bought one, and my husband and I love it! Way cooler than my last one, with the paper clip for a shutter button…