Casio Exilim 14.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and 2.7" LCD


woooooooo…its a woot off

Oh no


Oh goddommit!!!

Alright pardners, we got ourselves a woot-off!

woot off!


No not a woot off

lol woot off ok up all night

crap…a wootoff…no sleep for me today…

OMG!! woot rocks!!

Whoa! Had a suspicion this was coming ever since the BOC’s sold out and that other crap showed up!

Oh my god…wooot offfff

YouTube capture mode!? In for 3.

Woot off! Crap, I was just headed to bed

Bag o crap! Bag o crap!

No no… nononono… I need sleep tonight gawddamnit!!

wow, another woot off??!!! :slight_smile: