Casio Exilim 14.1MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

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Casio Exilim 14.1MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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That color is FABULOUS!

What is a “Casio”?

Double post… I am such a rookie.

Wonderful color. Hard to misplace.

I’m on my second Exilim. Picture quality wise it’s quite good, but not the best camera I’ve ever had. The reason I went back for seconds is the first one survived nearly a year of daily carry in my jeans pocket beating out the next-best contender by more than nine months. I’m not carrying my current newer plastic body one quite as much as I did my older metal body one, but I have to sing the praises of this being a rugged useful good camera.

I have videos on both YouTube and Amazon taken with my Exilim, good quality. Unfortunately I have some from my mobile phone also so if you go looking crappy ones were from my phone.

Here’s one I took with my current gen camera:

Here’s a still that I took:

And an Amazon embedded video in case YouTube’s quality lowering bugs you:

My main complaint is the same one I have with any device that has an other-than Mini or Micro USB port or 1394 port, it’s got a proprietary USB connector with some extra functionality for plugging into TV’s. The only reason I tolerate it in this case is I can take the SD Card out an put it directly into my card reader negating the nearly unforgivable sin of not having one of four standard connectors I consider acceptable.

$80 with free shipping at multiple online stores.

I’ll pass

Too bad the mods are sleeping or on smoke break…this is a quality post.

How long does typical shipping take?