Casio Men's Pathfinder Watch

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Casio Men’s Pathfinder Watch
Price: $219.99
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Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

Perfect Review over at Macy’s

barely a deal. compared with no hassle return of amazon.

I agree that this isn’t much of a deal. Plus, the PRW-2500R-7ER looks better, in my opinion, and the PRW-2500R-1CR (resin band) is $195 on Amazon.

I loved mine that I bought about 3 years ago. Then I tried to get the battery replaced. The local jewelry counter couldn’t get it to turn back on after the batteries were replaced! There were also 4 batteries, so battery replacement is expensive. The warranty is done after 1 year, which is ridiculously short for a watch like this. Buy a 50 dollar Timex instead.

The watch is solar.

This watch was 119 a little bit ago. Definitely not a deal considering how crappy woot customer service is anymore.

There looks like 6 strings on that watch face. Can it tune my guitar and give me chord fingerings? It should. Get on it, Casio!

It served me well on my last Everest ascent.

Ok, first off, it’s overpriced compared to a recent offering on woot which has already been mentioned.

The two things that resonate with me are the pressure measurement and the safe operating temperature range.

Why not use mbar or kilopascals? No one uses hectopascals, they just don’t… its ridiculous grr…

Second point: so it only goes down to 14F safe opperating temperature? So anyone who lives somewhere with any kind of winter temperature and has to scoop their driveway in the morning is just SOL when the watch stops working because it got a teensy bit too cold?

Or does the thermometer just stop working? There should be some differentiation.

I live in Northern Minnesota and I have had this exact watch for 4 years with no temperature issue. The only issue I have is because I wear so ALOT of gear, my watch sometimes does not get the solar love it needs. Set it in a window for a day and it is good for a couple of weeks again. Great watch and I NEVER take it off. I got a better deal at a retail store when it was on sale and I had a 30% off coupon.

Um, I’m pretty sure that the watch would not go down below 14F while wearing it when shoveling snow as long as you are still living. Your body temperature is 98.6F. Plus, most people tend to wear winter jackets. Both would tend to keep the temperature of the watch higher than 14F.

That is, unless you either wear the watch on the outside of your jacket or tend to shovel snow with no clothes on… (grin)

Where you might run into a problem is wearing the watch on the outside of a wetsuit diving in Alaska during the winter…

Very good points!

But they do not indicate the crystal type, so it might get scratched on underwater rocks or that lobster you were catching.

I’ll stick with my Suunto Core for reliability and comforrt