Casio Men’s Waveceptor Atomic Watch



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Casio Men’s Waveceptor Atomic Watch
$24.99+ $5 shipping

1 Casio Men’s Waveceptor Atomic Watch - WVQ202HSGA-1AV


all comparison site link are on the blog… the test was successfull… enjoy.


that is 1 scary looking watch!!!


cool watch, got the databank model, love it.


well hello 1974


An atomic watch? Oh boy, I hope nobody gets radiation poison.


wow great watch for the price. Titanium seems to be lighter, if you have the money. I am going to try to get watches for my site when I get a chance.


“Time calibration auto receive function (five times per day)”

I bet it goes through batteries like nobody’s business…


Hmmm, won’t let me buy one. Can’t add to cart.


oh i wonder what time it is?

i can

a. look at my PC
b. look at my mobile
c. look at my laptop
d. look at my cable box
e. look up
f. look at my pda
g. look at this lame watch – wtf wears a watch anymore?


The perfect Woot for the retired Floridians out there. Maybe something better tomorrow.


An atomic watch? Does it come with a protective a lead cup? One cannot be too careful when dealing with atomic devices.


I DO I DOOOOO I wear a swatch watch but its not really to tell time more for looks!


Have a different model and I love it but this one is a little strange looking. Good price though. Good night!


I don’t think it goes thru batteries that fast. It would be nice if it was titanium case & bracelet for this price.


The atomic clock is in Fort Collins, CO. Only radio waves are sent to the watch. No possibility of poisoning from radiation.


Damn, I’m a watch snob, and I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it weren’t two-tone.

I don’t wear gold. And I’m still tempted.


What an ugly POS watch…
When I managed a watch sotre we’d have a lot of old men come in looking for atopmic watches, I guess this is for that market. My question is, if you’re retired, why is it so important that you know what time it is TO THE VERY EXACT ATOMIC SECOND.
Relax a little and go find a good looking watch, get yourself a vintage Seiko or something.


Nice watch, pretty nice features but with one catch…

It won’t help a man be attractive, the looks of the watch has some improvement space.

Just IMHO :]