Casio Outdoor Watches

Nice! I’ve been looking for a watch that will work outdoors.

I like your sass, friend.

I have managed to BUST every “outdoor” watch I’ve owned. Timex, Casio just to name a couple. I’m he11 on glasses and watches. My wife got me the SUUNTO core 2 years ago for xmas. Short of tossing it into a meat grinder, it’s been the best watch I’ve owned. It’s more then I would have paid (think it was 299.00) but I’ve slammed it dead center on the face once while working on the shop. Not a scratch much less busted face. I love the barometric pressure/storm warning feature. Compass works great as does the altimeter. I had to replace the rubber wrist band once, 60 bucks, and I’m on my 3rd battery. Tough watch and dependable, regardless if your a rock climber or in the military. It can take the abuse.

Trying to.discern differences in these watches. Interested in the Prw2500 and the 99 dollar one, both the resin strap models. Does the less expensive one have a better sensor or at least more modern one? The more expensive has atomic sync and extra 100m waterproof.

Is the PRW2500 an older model:

i dont own one but have read previous comments…the one thing i seen said is that the 2500 is huge and heavy. If i was buying a watch here, the only watch i would purchase is a MULTI BAND Atomic watch to avoid the usual problematic auto settings of watch. Personally i would not care about multi city time zones. The other issue that comes up a lot is the thermometer. To get accurate reading of temp. the watch should be off the wrist so that the watch will not read body temp.

Are the prices that great? savings of 20-30 dollars…your call

Exact same price as the parent site Amazon…so what’s so great about this deal?

I liked mine. Until the batteries died and the local watch counter couldn’t get it to turn back on after replacing all 4 (FOUR!) batteries. So now I have a paperweight. This was the most expensive watch I have ever owned, and it lasted 1/5 of the time as my 20 dollar Timexs. This looks exactly like mine, but apparently has a solar charger (mine didn’t). Maybe you will have better luck than I did.

The Pathfinder shows a resin strap, and a metal one, but the description doesn’t indicate which (both?) it comes with.

There are two Pathfinder models available. Can you link me to the one you’re asking about?

Actually they are cheaper on Amazon and that includes free shipping.