Casio Pathfinder Solar Atomic Watch

Anyone have a review for us?

I have (and am currently wearing) a Casio Tough Solar WaveCeptor(i.e. gets time signals from the atomic clock in Colorado) watch. Terrific daily watch, never lets me down, always accurate.
I also have a SeaPathFinder watch with barometer, depth gauge, and altimeter which I use for swimming and flying my ultralight. Altimeter is interesting, but nothing I would use in a critical situation. Depth gauge works well.

In short, these are both great watches, and the one for sale on Woot combines the best of both. Price seems about right as well.

4 Stars, 87 reviews

I have a Casio solor/atomic watch from many years ago. It is uglier than H___, but works perfectly. Always accurate (if you can remember to set it right for time zones and savings time). It is my daily watch as I know no one will ever try to steal it from me (its that ugly). And yes, I have Seikos, Citizens, Omegas, etc; at my age I don’t need to be mugged for a watch.

I also have a Casio Waveceptor/Tough Solar watch. The only problem that I’ve come across is that if you keep it on the setting where the backlight automagically comes on when you lift your hand to check the time then it WILL eat up the battery. I’ve twice run out of charge and had to charge it before it would show the time because of this. I only realized the second time that (I think) that is what caused it to run out of charge. The first time I thought it was just because I was wearing long-sleeved shirts and it wasn’t getting enough light. Really it shouldn’t even have that features… just drains it too fast.


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