Casio Pathfinder Tough Solar Triple Sensor Watch



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Casio Pathfinder Tough Solar Triple Sensor Watch
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Casio Pathfinder Tough Solar Triple Sensor Watch - PAG70-1V


Keep up the good work Matthew.


crazy looking watch!!!


sweet looking watch i guess, if you don’t mind looking rediculous. I’ll pass I got a free swiss army watch from some stupid online microsoft quizzes. woot


Is it me or did the Woot! servers have a nervous breakdown?

Froogle: $134.99 $157
Shopzilla: $139 - $200
Yahoo!: $134.99
Amazon: $144.47 - $199.99

No guarantee on these prices today, folks. There must be 50 watches with similar naming conventions and perhaps one word different. Don’t forget they don’t include shipping or tax where applicable.

[No CNET review today kiddos.

[url=]Manufacturer](]Review by CNET: ? out of 10[/url)

Okay, cleaned up those prices with the proper model number. Checked eBay for fun…

There is one up for auction for $1 with 6+ days remaining…

What, no Halloween Watch?


Shopzilla’s got it around $139

BizRate’s got it around $156

MSN Shopping has it around $155

Sprenzy has it around $155

CNET and Amazon both have 0 reviews/ratings… so go with Shopzilla… here’s an additionally useful link incase this watch isn’t dope enough for your tastes… check out some mad awesome Watches WITH GPS… most for not much more than this woot… holler… enjoy.

…p.s… be wary of these new useful linkageers… often, they’re lists are inaccurate… with time, they will perfect the craft… but for now, keep a watchful eye… and have a good weekend.


i have this bad quality


Froogling …


Hey that thing looks pretty fancy but does it tell time?


This is a really good dive watch if you need a watch for scuba, due to the integrated compass.


More pricing ya ya ya…

SecretPrices … $156.95

Froogle … $138.95

PriceGrabber … $155

Err NexTag … $199.99

And of course, if you are in the mood, there is some other Casio watches for your viewing pleasure.


Must be a timex for me.


Is this a good buy ?


Too pricey for me, but it’s a cool watch…I know a guy who has one of these. He loves it. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of watches - but I just dont’ see myself using all it’s nifty funtions enough to justify the price. I guess this will work for those wannabe James Bonds out there.


hmm, $100 cheap looking digital watch.

Not a nerd, thanx though woot.


What…no grappling hook? Its got everything but.

I’d bet Tom Cruise would wear this watch if it had a grappling hook.


Blah. I have an old Casio compass watch that I bough in Japan back in 1994. I paid 9800 Y for it (about $85 US). Worked for a while. Not really that useful if you want to know the truth. Now I carry a TMobile MDA (A windows mobile phone) and have a bluetooth GPS receiver and some software running on the device:

$200 for the phone
$40 for the bluetooth GPS
$100 for the software

$340 total for turn by turn directions with Points of interest, nationwide maps, works in my car, on walks around towns, trips to national parks, hiking…

Save your $99 and spend a little more to do it right. That’s my advice.



Kinda silly that the auto calendar only lasts until 2039. Doesn’t make a good heirloom.


These are really handy! I have an earlier model and it is awesome for trekking! However, I can’t seem to part with my Suunto MSN Smart Watch these days (time, weather, sports, stocks, calendar…)…


It loses up to 15 seconds a month?! Sounds bad to me.