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Casio Solar & Atomic Watch
Price: $49.99
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Solid 4.5 over 230 reviews on Amazon.

Looks like the biggest complaints are about the integrity of the band. Too bad the all metal one is not for sale.

“Wave Ceptor”, not “Wavecepter.” It’s right there in the photos.

Got a little excited when this popped up but unfortunately the fugliness factor killed the buzz when I saw the photos.

I have another “Wave Ceptor” model, though (more attractive, IMO) and it has been a good watch - just a little finicky about updating the time (via signal). Was a lot less expensive, too - but not solar. Still on its original battery after several years, though.

PS wow, I haven’t been in the Community in a little while - look at all those icons on the left! Let’s gamify the crap outta everything.

I have the Arabic numeral version of this watch. I consider it the most perfect watch in existence. Starting two years ago I put my $1300 Tag in a drawer and started wearing this one almost every day instead.
Wear the Tag if you want to attract people who are impressed by shiny things, want to worry about losing a watch, if you want to make your left forearm more muscular than your right, or if you want to reset the time every other day.
Wear this watch if you want to set the time zone once and for the rest of your life know exactly what time it is without all the drama.

I wooted the WVA510 over 8 years ago, and still use it pretty much every day.


  • Very sturdy
  • Very dependable (has never stopped)
  • Lots of features (seevmanual)
  • Charges quickly with minimal exposure - always fully charged
  • Very clever power saving modes (ran it down once, to see what would happen).
  • Automatic time sync works very well (decent signal)
  • Automatically turns on light with a twist of the wrist - extremely convenient
  • Reasonable price ($75, then). Excellent value.
  • Fully submersible in water (have only had it a few feet deep)


  • Thick
  • Meh styling
  • Watch “crystal” face is easy to scratch
  • The resin strap dies every 3 or so years. On my 3rd.
  • Aforementioned strap is no longer made for 510 and can’t be found anywhere - have to substitute strap from another model, which does not mate correctly with 510. This is highly, highly annoying.
    • You will probably pay more in band replacements than for the watch, over its lifetime.


  • Likely a fantastic watch (510 is).
  • Very satisfied with predecessor.
  • Wish that I could find a new resin band.

I use to wear a Tag Heuer chronometer but I had to update the time and make sure to rollover the date every month. Plus if I didn’t wear it every day the damn watch would stop. Very annoying.

Now I love Casio solar/atomic watches and wear one daily myself. This one is definitely one of the lower level models, the ones I like are the Casio Edifice line which are “classier” and usually with all metal construction. Also I like the 6-band atomic versions which have global coverage for nightly time updates. I think this one only works for the US signal which is OK if you only occasionally travel outside of the US.

So I’d say this is a good basic introduction to the Casio solar/atomic line. Definitely better options out there but they all cost a bit more.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I first saw this watch. We have atomic clocks in our kitchen and another in our bedroom. Over the years, we’ve learned that the accuracy of these time pieces is unsurpassed. When I saw this watch a few minutes ago, I knew I had to have it, so I just ordered one. I think it’s very pretty, reasonably priced with unmatched accuracy. The next time someone asks me “what time is it”, I can respond with atomic confidence.

I’m in for one. Have never owned a solar powered, atomic set or dual display watch so this seems like the time (no pun intended) to give one a try… after all, it’s been mentioned this is an entry level model. I do like the Casio’s I’ve owned and trust the brand, and it seems about $20 less than the lowest prices I found. Just hope decent replacement bands will be available when the time (…again) comes.

I have three Casio Solar/Atomic watches. I have the Arabic numeral version of this one. I like it, but prefer the G-SHOCK S/A watches for everyday wear. The all digital version is around $60. The analog/digital is around $150.

I’ve owned a similar model for 5 years now, and I’m incredibly pleased with the look, accuracy, and easy upkeep; no batteries to deal with! Mine however, has a Stainless Steel case, not resin- The Casio watches I’ve owned with a resin case (4) have ALL broken where the strap attaches to the case. The stainless models are more expensive, but worth it in the long run.

Totally agree, have had 2 of the early models of this watch which I believe are an easy 15 years old now, still working strong, nver needed a battery, hold time accurately. I agree on the scratching, after this many years, mine are quite scratched but still ideal for sports. Both of my original bands are still in place and have never failed.

Just about all of these “Wave Ceptor” watches use a couple of internal units, regardless of outside jewelry, band, etc…This can be identified by a 4 digit number on the back of the watch. In this case, it is 5052. I found this by going to the Casio site and looking up the manual. The manual and functions are all the same for all watches sharing this internal unit. Why is this important? Well, you will sometimes find the same “guts” in watches varying in price by hundreds of dollars. It is a good way to know what you are getting…

For the record, I have owned 3 different Wave Ceptor watches over the years. I have been happy with all of them. The last two have had the all metal band and have been plugging along for over ten years. One has had the same battery for 11 years. I am going to replace it soon, even though it is still working. It is best to have a jeweler do this, because they are more adept at maintaining the water resistance. Last time I replaced one, it was $8.00, including the battery.

I have a similar model with a chronograph, and I’m delighted with the watch except for what another reviewer aptly called the “meh styling.”
Worth noting are that the crystal scratches easily, and that the prices of the analog models of these have skyrocketed.
This offer is a solid watch at a solid price.

Booyah! – just pull the trigger on this “entry level” watch. My current “entry level” Casio, that I’ve had for more years than I can remember, is slowing fading.
This new one will probably be buried with me (I’ll have a special window installed so it can get some sun) then I’ll have the corect time until the sun goes out.
Double Booyah!!

Now if only they’d have a deal on a WOMEN’s watch like this… It annoys me that I can find tons of watches with spangles and diamonds and miniscule faces, but rarely a dependable and accurate wrist watch for a woman. :-/

Very tempting; if only it was all metal…

Barbie, these days many women wear mens watches. I’m not kidding…

Probably because of the problem she described!