Casio Solar & Atomic Watch

Never understood why Casio can’t or won’t just put a regular band on their watches. This would look 100 times better without the integrated band.

Is it possible to put a NATO strap on this watch?

Got a great digital version. Have had it 4 years. Is the color of this face black or blue??

I know, but I’m kinda petite. Watches that big are clunky and heavy.

I have had the metal band version of this watch for a few years. Looks great, stays accurate, no battery change–love it. Occasional paint/scratches on crystal disappear with rubbing alcohol. Highly recommended.

Does anyone have experience/know if this watch will go through TSA without having to remove? If so, this sounds like an ideal travel watch, including international, through time zones.

Can you get ANY watch through TSA? I always take mine off, but I guess I’ve never been told to…

I’ve been using this same watch (the dial and hands are a little different) for 9 years.

After running for 9 years without adjusting anything, I’m tempted to replace it today. Assuming the unit recharged itself once a day, it has recharged 3,281 times! You would think the maximum recharging cycles would have been reached by now, but it still works like new.

Just thought I’d pop in to say: If you ain’t v’owl you aint nuttin’ Just sayin’ Thank you.

Show of hands, everyone who was disappointed to find out that the ‘Solar & Atomic’ was not describing its dual power supply?

looks tight yo

Just bought one. This watch movement uses CTL 1616 rechargable coin cell battery, which is also used in many of G-Shock models.

I have a G-Shock purchased from Costco and worked flawlessly all these years. I had to replace a new battery, which is around $13 from internet.

I’ve always wanted a analog dial but with atomic and solar functions…

“Auto Calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099”
i appreciate it’s optimism

Looks like Casio does make one Women’s version, but it doesn’t appear to be solar powered:

I’ve worn the Arabic numeral version of his same watch through TSA several times, no prob. I also have the digital and Ana/digital, as well as a gshock or two, and it’s worth noting the Arabic numeral version like this one gets the best reception. Iso it’s what I set everything to, as well as swimming, vacation, and gym. Personally I’d spend the extra $10 and get the Arabic numeral version but I should stop here…

It’s like trying to find a mans watch that doesnt look like a hubcap with rhinestones and nautical valves on it. Oh wait this isn’t shophq.

I’ll be 135. Sounds about right.

:::raises wing:::