Casio SPF60-1AV Sea PathFinder Watch


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Totally Twisted Thursday!

What a Woot! It get’s crazier and crazier :wink:

A diving watch? Um… interesting :slight_smile: But the price is lower thatn anywhere around…

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More box in the Woots please!


Neat Watch… I like my Swatch watch

Casio SPF60-1AV Sea PathFinder Watch
Casio Royale
$79.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Ping! Ptingg! Gunshots carom off of the pavement; you hug the cathderal wall that much tighter. A tantalizingly short block away beckons the pier and, beyond that, the sparkling expanse of the bay. You’ve just stolen the supersecret Delta Chip from a rogue engineer who planned to sell it to spies from the Enemy Bloc. Now you’re pinned under fire from said agents.

Now! You bolt across cobblestones for the water, zigzagging to make a worse target, your footfalls syncopating with the ping! of the gunfire in a tormented mambo of peril. As you reach the blessed blue of the sea, you hurl a grenade behind you and dive in. Under the surface you hear it: bleep bleep bleep! You gracefully dog-paddle in place and look at the dazzling electro-luminescent face of your rugged, stylish SPF60-1AV SEA-PATHFINDER watch – it’s 4 p.m.! Time to take those pills to kill that tapeworm you picked up in Karachi.

But you have something more important to do. The watch thermometer shows a balmy water temperature of 82 F, even when the depth gauge says you’re twenty feet below the surface. So you slip your collapsible scuba gear (not included) out of your left sock and take a leisurely undersea swim toward Pointe Noire, home of the disguised-lighthouse headquarters of the local Enemy Bloc spy cell. You’re not afraid, not armed with this water-resistant, devastatingly attractive Casio timepiece, with functions including five daily alarms, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, altimeter and a barometer. No, you’re pretty sure this won’t take too long. The tapeworm pills can wait.

Features and Functions:

* Condition: New, Retail
* Analog timekeeping via hour and minute hands. Minute hand moves every 20 seconds.
* Digital timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds, P for p.m., month, date, day of week.
* Time format: 12-hour or 24-hour.
* Calendar system: Full auto-calendar pre-programmed to 2039.
* Easy one-touch operation for major functions (direction, pressure, and depth), made even easier by large pushbuttons.
* Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet).
* Electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow.
* Auto-EL mode option: Backlight is activated when you angle the watch toward your face.
* Low-temperature resistant (-10°C/+14°F).
* Barometer: Measuring range: 17.70 inHg to 32.45 inHg (600 hPa to 1100 hPa).
* Measuring unit: 0.05 inHg (1 hPa).
* Barometric pressure history graph.
* Display is switchable between inHg and hPa. (Note: 1 hectopascal = 1 millibar = 0.03386 inch of mercury.)
* Calibration capability.
* Thermometer: Measuring range: -14°F to +140°F.
* (-10°C to +60°C). Measuring unit: 0.2°F (0.1°C).
* Display is switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
* Calibration capability.
* Altimeter: Measuring range: -700 to +4000 meters (-2300 to +13,120 feet) without reference altitude.
* Display range: -4000 to +10,000 meters (-13,120 to +32,800 feet).
* Display unit: 5 meters (20 feet).
* Display is switchable between meters and feet.
* User-settable reference altitude.
* Depth gauge: Measuring range: 0.0 to 30.0 meters (0 to 98 feet)
* Display is switchable between meters and feet.
* Note: Depths between 0 and 1 meter (0 and 4) feet register as 0.0 m (0 ft).
* Display unit: 0.1 meter or 1 foot.
* Maximum total time submerged: 2:59':59" in 1-second increments.
* Water temperature: -10.0° C to +60.0°C (-14° F to +140°F).
* Depth readings and water temperature readings: every 3 seconds when submerged 1 meter (4 feet) or deeper.
* Memory capacity: One log data record (total time submerged, maximum depth, water temperature at maximum depth).
* User-settable reference depth.
* 1/100 second stopwatch timer: Display range: 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
* Measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place time.
* Countdown/yacht race timer: Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours settable in 1-minute and 1-hour increments.
* Measuring unit: 0.1 second.
* Available Auto Repeat mode: With Auto Repeat on, countdown automatically restarts from the countdown start time when it reaches 0. With Auto Repeat off, the countdown start time appears in the display when the countdown ends.
* Countdown end beeper (beeps for 10 seconds when countdown reaches 0) plus an available progress beeper (beeps at minutes 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 of countdown and at seconds 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 of the last minute of the countdown.
* Five daily alarms.
* Hourly time signal.
* Quartz movement with accuracy of ±15 seconds per month.
* Powered by one CR 1620 lithium battery. Average battery life is 2 years.
* Low battery indication.
* Resin band.
* Dimensions: 56.6 X 49.1 X 17.8 mm / 107.4 g


Finally! I’ll still pass on this one.

Hey GC! How about one of those Casio ATOMIC watches? I’ll take three of those! Metal band, please.

One for each wrist, plus :slight_smile:


Hummmmmmmm, I think I’ll have to pass on this one too. This would look like a wall clock attached to my arm! :roll:


Not bad


I stayed up for this? C’mon woot! Gimme a woot off! :roll:

Not as nice as my Tissot T-Touch. Check it out:


Weak! I stayed up for this? Bag-o-crap please!


watch eh? ill stick with my plain ol non digital

wonder if this will sell out this weekend? - get free stuff and make some money! 8)
[color=green:fe2942531f]hey, better than the ol’ 9-5![/color] and as always everything is personally tested by FREEO before entering the site!


poo poo


That’s a sweet looking watch.



I’m passing too


ok so i’m on holiday with the family and i stay up til midnight waiting on the next big woot …what a joke, tonight was much better YAWN!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :arrow: …I[color=red:0d6527ccc7][size=18:0d6527ccc7] WANT A B.O.C.[/size:0d6527ccc7][/color]


'm passing too

Whoops. well anyway here’s my shout out for the Creative Labs TravelSound Portable Speakers with MP3 Player


who wears watches nowadays


And I stayed up for this? Wooted again :frowning:


:? Good watch but no cash to buy it today. How about a wootoff


Peteromans11 has come up with a new spamming technique, I see. Instead of the line at the bottom (sometimes bold, sometimes with giant green $$ signs), he’s moved his spam onto multiple lines to call it out. He posted it in this forum before the woot actually appeared - he didn’t even know what it was when he posted it. It’s spam! GC? You there? Forget the cut of the profits he’s been kicking back to you for weeks. It’s spam!

And by the way, kind of a strange watch, no? I can’t see any real practical use for most of the features…At least not for me.

Holy smokes! peteromans11 went back and edited his first post to include even more spam than usual. He’s mocking you, GC. Mocking.

{ If I were peteromans11, I’d insert some spam here. }


Hey wow, this would be great if I lived underwater, or couldn’t look at to see the temperature…for free…or feel if I’m hot or cold and know about what temperature it was.
A far cry from Robmower accessories or Dell speakers. :x