Caspian Single Lever Faucet

I ordered this one this go around and installed it last night. First, I love the style and plan on upgrading all of my current Kohler faucets to this style. I’m just not convinced it will be one’s from Speakman. I don’t know if it was because they were trying to unload them on Woot, but mine had at least one chrome defect as a result of contamination during the chroming process. It’s on the back and I’m not going to return it for a spec of contamination, but that shouldn’t be something that happens on a faucet which retails at nearly $400.

It also lacked a solid ring for under the body which Kohler supplies with their faucets of this style. As a result, when tightening it down so that it doesn’t move on the sink it deforms the optional base-plate used for sinks with three holes instead of one downwards with the ends of the plate moving upwards. Again, a design issue I would have never expected in a faucet which retails at near $400. Luckily I have a 3D printer and printed a ring to stop it from deforming.