Cass Paso Robles Mixed White (6)

Cass Paso Robles Mixed White 6-Pack
$89.99 $176.00 49% off List Price
2013 Marsanne, Paso Robles
2013 Roussanne, Paso Robles
2014 Viognier, Paso Robles
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Rats come forth…

I really should purchase this, if for no other reason than that I work at CASS.

Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

Actually I have seen some good reviews for CASS juice, but don’t know squat about any of these.

Specs are interesting, vio. Has the highest alc. and acidity. Makes the other two look a little flabby. Kyle should have a set of notes on the rousanne as I put the bottle in his hand a couple weeks back.

Wine tastes great!
Still waiting for [MOD: It’s not nice to call people names.] to send my last order of wine on August 27, 2015 !!! 5-7 days is a lie courtesy of WOOT! Reality is 2-3 weeks. Good deal if your patient but it will be 2-3 weeks before your lips taste this WOOT wine. Definately not Amazon shipping speed here folks.

[MOD: Tracking shows it’s arriving today.]

Cass makes really nice wines. We visited a couple of years ago. I’m definitely in on this offer.

There are many others out there who can point out where I am incorrect on these statements (wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last) or where the actually information is listed. But two things:

I believe you are misunderstanding the timelines you just provided. It has always (in my 4 or so years experience of buying wine here) taken 2-3 weeks for the wine to leave the winery (on the high end, it has certainly come faster). I wish I knew where that information was stated because I know I have seen it before. The only thing I can say about 5-7 days is probably how they handle summer shipping ONCE it is shipped. You should always get it in less than a week.

Second, and this is more of just a tip that I have learned from the very knowledgeable woot! forum posters, don’t drink the wine right when you get it. I started doing that, but have found that laying it down for several weeks really makes a difference. The shipping shock that is so often mentioned here is not a myth!

Moving to the wine… I would love to read some of the rats. Paso has a special place in my heart as it is where my wife and I got engaged. I didn’t enjoy many whites we had out there, but the reds were great IMO.

I had the Marsanne. Notes a’ comin’.

Well good morning there. I see our order from 8/28 is due to be delivered today.

You live a fair bit away from California so your order shipped to St. Louis via refrigerated truck. FedEx doesn’t have refrigerated trucks, so we have to use freight. You’ll see that the tracking started in St. Louis. That’s the hub where things get handed off from the refrigerated truck to FedEx.

It’s all in the plan and explained in the Summer Shipping Blog and in our FAQ.

And we never claimed to be Amazon or ship with Amazon speeds.

Now… didn’t your parents talk to you about calling people names?

Very glad to have Cass wines in play. A very respected winery down Paso way.

Great offer to expand your palate.

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Whoops, looks like my memory fails me again. Wine can do that to you!



Wine: 2013 Cass Roussanne (Paso Robles/Central Coast, California, USA), Release Price: $26. Screw off cap. This offering appears to be last year’s vintage. Opened one week after FedEx delivery. Six people tasted pre-meal with no food pairing and offered notes as part of this collective report, including one person who has restaurant experience as wine buyer. Four of the reviewers have experience with wine from Paso Robles, including Rhone whites from Booker, L’Aventure, Tablas Creek, and Kinero. The wine was served at 58 degrees with an ambient temperature of 81 degrees. Generic white wine glasses were used.

Notes: Upon opening, nose offered muted honeydew, citrus, almond, and minerals. Mouthfeel was appropriately oily but a little thin. Consensus was that this wine was a perfectly pleasant backyard summer Roussanne. There wasn’t much complexity there, and it had a short finish. One of the reviewers gave in to temptation and dropped an ice cube into the glass (a response to my tendency to drink Rhone whites a bit warmer than some drinkers prefer), but reported that “this didn’t help." The reviewer with the least amount of experience with Roussanne ended up liking it the most. The bottle was not finished. The group collectively settled on a price of $13 as reasonable and would use it as a hot-afternoon wine for friends. We’d also suggest drinking it over the next 6-12 months. While it is not the most interesting Roussanne from this region, there is nothing offensive here.


Specs say ABV is 13.7%, that’s a sizable difference!


I sampled the Marsanne a couple weeks ago with SWMBO and my mother-in-law (who drinks really buttery chard).

The wine is light in color with a muted but pretty nose. The palate is light-light medium bodied. There’s a bit of an acid zip but not too much (I would have preferred more). Looking at the numbers, I’m not surprised by the pH.

Flavor-wise, this is a bit light. It doesn’t have a huge fruit profile. There is an edge of something not-fruit along the back-end but I was never able to place it. Something like a steel-y/herbal quality that was present but not anywhere near dominant.

This wine kind of reminded me of a Grenache Blanc. It’s lighter bodied than I expect from a Marsanne but it’s certainly not something I would turn down if offered.

Mother-in-law said it was refreshing. I agree. It’s light and easy drinking.

I guessed $12-$15 offer price.


I no longer have the bottle, so it is possible that I wrote down the alcohol % from the 2014 vintage (which I have not tasted), but which is 15.2%, a number which I consider fairly typical of the region. Sorry for the confusion.

Mine was definitely in the 13% range. 15%+ is common for the reds from Paso but that’s a big number for a white. I wonder what happened in '14 to reach that #.

Wait. The roussanne for sale here is a 2013, your notes say it was a 2013. Were you actually sent a 2014?

This is true, although the kids may cause an increase in alcohol consumption. So i guess you’re a root cause sort of guy.