Cast Iron Koi Teapot

Of what is this teapot made?? The features/specs refer alternatively to copper and cast iron:

(Black/Copper Cast Iron “Koi” Teapot…;
The “Koi” Teapot is an elegant Cast Iron Tetsubin…;
The heat-retaining properties of Cast Iron…;
Hammered Solid Copper Round Koi Teapot…)

Which is it? Cast iron or copper?

The product materials are Cast Iron, Painted Exterior, Porcelain Enameled Interior, SS Infuser. The paint is Copper & Black color.

What do they mean “Not intended for stove top use”? How the heck do you heat the water then?

You don’t boil water in china tea pots, either.

Treat this teapot not as a cooking vessel, but more as a serving vessel–just as you would a china tea pot.

Then I would buy a China tea pot lol My other cast iron tea pots are for stove top use. No wonder this one is on sale.

There are a lot of people who collect these tea pots I am one of them. I also use them. You fill them up with hot water to warm the pot then pour that water out. You then make your tea as you would use a cup or a porcelain tea pot . The cast iron pots stay hotter much longer than a porcelain one