Castaway by Pawleys Island Parachute



or as the Rangers call 'em - low hung Bear Bags…


I hope that anyone who buys this rads the description and realizes that its a hammock, not a parachute. they could be in for a long fall.


don’t you mean a short fall?


I bought this last time with the understanding that it was actually a parachute. Until I read your comment, I was completely ignorant of the fact that it was supposed to be a hammock, and I’ve actually used it successfully as a parachute a number of times. So I think it’s fully functional as both.


positive reviews on sierratradingpost


Here’s for hoping this hammock is really a Pawleys Island brand hammock and not another kerfluffle like the rope hammocks a while back…lolz

Dear redvolvodavid,

We have to apologize for a big mistake in our hammock sale on Saturday, June 2nd. Contrary to what we believed and communicated at the time, these hammocks are not Pawleys Island hammocks made in the USA, however they are built by the makers of the Pawleys Island hammock. They are largely constructed in India and only the hardware was installed in the USA.

How are we going to fix it? We can offer you two options:

  1.  Keep your order at a reduced price of $59.99 each – we hope you choose that one, as it's a really good price; or
  2.  Cancel your order by 12:00 PM CDT on Wednesday June 6th for a full refund.  If we do not hear back from you by then we will ship your order at the reduced cost.

Should you choose the first option, the product you’ll receive is the Castaway Hammocks Weathersmart Deluxe Rope Hammock. But whichever option you choose, please accept our deepest, sincerest apologies. We always want to shoot straight with our customers, and we’ll try to make sure this kind of miscommunication doesn’t happen again.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks -