Castaway Hammock in a Bag - Tan

I’d need some type of tool everytime I wanted to hang this up though, correct? Anyone have one of these?

I feel like I want one of these, moving to the Dominican Republic, but I’m not sure if I would actually use it…

It appears that they just screw into trees. So you should be fine unless you’ve got a lot of hard woods around. (Not an issue for me)

My only concern is it’s a one person hammock. Who wants that??? The joy of having a hammock is sharing it and getting to know the other person VERY intimately (regardless of intention…)

It is POSSIBLE to sleep in a hammock, but if you are a restless sleeper I strongly recommend that you NOT put it too far above the ground.

You can buy kits with straps that fit around a tree trunk, so you can put the hammock anywhere there are adequately sized trees.
I think they’re sold on camping sites.

LOL the great sport of relaxation

Thanks everyone! I live in Hawaii now, so I think this is a necessary purchase.

Just some proper rope and a good scout knot should secure this around a tree, no problem. In for 2 – stocking stuffers!

You must have some big stockings to fill.