Castaway Hammock in a Bag



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Castaway Hammock in a Bag
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Isn’t this a target brand?


I love multi-taskers!


I picked up a couple of these before. They are one step better than a burlap bag on a rope. BUY THREE


Is it left- or right-handed?


I weigh 395 pounds. Can I buy two and use them together?


I think neither, but it’s MAC compliant.


You spelled “cheeked” wrong


I searched around online and I don’t believe so. I found the same thing for $14 on another site, and I don’t think Target would sell their store brand merchandise anywhere except Target.


but is it mac compatible?

edited to correct the “autocorrect”
is it M A C compatible???


Yes, you can, El Gordo


You can buy two and make a French burlap apron


Ah, so there IS a baggie of carp today.


265 pounds? What is this a hammock for ants? Seriously though, I need to lose weight.


These are from Target. It said so on the labels of the ones I bought here.


Anyone know where I can buy two trees to hang this hammock from?


We need a Kinect woot-off app. I’ll get right on that.


I was kind of hoping for a banana hammock. :slight_smile: I assume TT is asleep so I guess I can say that snicker


Needed something for my kids to swing in the trees. A burlap sack on a rope will do!