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I bought one of these when they were offered in May (same price, different color selection - mine is green stripes) and I’m very happy with it.

In case people are going to wonder what to do with a hammock that doesn’t include a stand, as many people did then, mine replaced a ratty old rope hammock on a still-perfectly-good stand. It could also be hung from hooks (on trees or a porch).

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Check out these comments from a Castaway plus sale back in June.

I bought one of these in May. My biggest complaint is that I bought it with the castaway stand as part of the sale…and I don’t know if the hammock has too much give or the stand is too low - but I am almost on the ground in this thing. I have it drawn as tight as it goes and still too much give for me. The materials seem nice and it held up well through the summer…but be forewarned, you’ll be very low to the ground.

I totally agree! I purchased one as well, and replaced an older hammock that was beginning to fray, and was hung between 2 trees. I didn’t need any of the additional hardware that came with this hammock. I currently have it hung as tight as it’ll go, and although it’s relatively high, once you attempt to lay in it, it sinks quickly and is very low to the ground. It’s much to flexible for my taste. Very disappointing purchase.

EDIT: something funny/strange. It hasn’t really been used all that much since it was hung, but I just went and plopped my butt into it and it didn’t sag low to the ground. I think it stiffened up. Don’t know how long that’ll last though, it’s going into the shed shortly for the winter.

I got mine with the metal stand as well a while back. Have it sitting on the porch. It is low when you get in… but I don’t really care once I’m in it. As long as I clear the ground and can sway / relax I’m good to go. We greatly enjoy it… two of us can even hang out and read in it.

Also purchased in May and am very happy. Replaced old rope hammock in a “standard” stand and it sits perfectly. It is not too low to the ground in my stand which I believe is pretty standard but is not a Castaway stand. Mine does not sink too much at all.

Hammocks with spreader bars are generally unstable and bad for your neck/back. This site explains what a good hammock is.

I have one of those hammocks with the spreader bars. Then I got one of those traditional ones made in Mexico. I haven’t used the one with spreaders since then. The one without spreaders is SO much more stable and comfortable!!

Why, Mr. Woot, are you selling us a summer item when most of your customers are currently thinking, cold, wind, ice and snow? You may say that off season is when you get the best prices, and that is a valid point. However, buying a hammock now would require me to stop what I’m doing, open the box and set up the hammock just to make sure that I didn’t receive a dud and then put everything back in the box until next summer. I am therefore tying up my money for 5 or 6 months, so where is the economy in doing this?

Most of us would be more concerned with snow blowers, ice scrapers, ice blasters, insulation kits, shovels, heaters, gloves, wool head gear, boots and hundreds of other items we would use during the cold weather months. These are items we are required to buy now, whether we buy them from Woot at a nice sayings or from the local shopping mall and pay through the nose.

I’m just a concerned customer, hoping to influence Woot to be better at giving us what we need.

there are lady woots, too!

So I ask an ultra serious question and you, of all people a staff member, make a cute joke of it. What you are telling me and others is this…

If you like the item offered, buy it. If you don’t like the item, just punch your TS card and move on. The staff here certainly do not care!

Wow that was a lot to read into from a simple response. I for one enjoyed the humor Mrs Woot - or Ms Woot … ahh now I messed it up.

As another concerned customer I have the solution to your problem: DON’T BUY IT!

And even though I am getting ready for cold and snow, they aren’t the only things dominating my life. I’m ordering one to replace my old hammock.

I’m also shopping for a new set of golf clubs I won’t be able to use for months. THE HORROR!!

Whatever you do, don’t make the same mistake I made and buy golf clubs that are made out of bananas.



A. It comes all nice & rolled up, easy to store until Spring shows up. Especially if the price is right for that certain person.
B. Some people actually live where it doesn’t get too cold or snow.

Smh, you can’t please everyone…

The people who established Woot found it necessary to include a forum so that the customer has a voice. When the new owners took the helm, they decided to keep this forum, and I think that was a great idea. So it seems to me that management has a real need to hear from their customers. If not, why would they continue this forum?

So when a customer makes a comment or asks a question about a product or Woot’s service, Woot management should answer the customer’s question DIRECTLY. If they wish to make a joke, they could do that later…but ANSWER THE QUESTION FIRST!

By the way, I’m happy that you enjoyed the humor. When you are not the butt of the humor, it’s a lot easier to enjoy.

i’m not certain what the question was.