Castle Rock Winery Mixed Red Case

Castle Rock Winery Mixed Red Case
$104.99 + $5 shipping
6 2008 Carneros Pinot Noir
6 2007 Mendocino County Zinfandel
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Yum! Me thinks it’s time to MAKE space in the wine rack for this. Well that or buy another rack :wink:

Save your money for something else folks, this is TJ $5.99 wine

We stopped at August Brigg’s Napa tasting room in May 2009 and were not completely smitten with the wines, but did buy a Charbono. I remember tasting a subtle but odd unknown flavor in most of the juice. Hopefully these are made differently. This does look like a deal on what is hopefully a decent quaff.

Just joined woot & I own a small winery (not related to Castle Rock)

I got-in on the Beehive cheese just in time and then this popped up.

I have had both wines - and all I can say is you can’t beat this price!!! Especially for a case… dang…

Maybe not a deal then :slight_smile:

I love Castle Rocks tenacity and ability to create descent wine at a low price. But I don’t come to Wine.woot in search of it. Lets try a little harder guys. I can get these wines in 5 different stores within 5 miles of my house. Not a good choice for a weekend offer.

Where/what is your winery?

Does anyone know if this is an ‘old vine’ Zin?

What I find most interesting is that their business model deploys multiple wineries bottling juice from all over. So what you tasted may have occured in just one of their facilities. The bottles I had were at a comparitive tasting hosted by a friend of mine - we were tasting blind against similar wines, including my own Carneros Pinot.

I feel the same way. However, I wouldn’t have bought anything due to the house, so my opinion isn’t worth much.

Inspiration Vineyards - Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) we produce about 1500 cases annually.

Re the Old Vine Zin question - not sure. There is a lot of 30-60yo Zin planted in Mendocino Co.

Interesting… It looks like the retail for both are about $11 each - so this isn’t much of a savings…

But for everyday wine, not a bad deal.

I priced it out from the winery (they only sell by the case and both wines are part of an ongoing end of vintage sale.
Zin case is going for $100 + tax and shipping
Pinot case is going for $124 + tax and shipping

because they only sell by the case it is impossible to order this exact mixed case direct from the winery, but if I could here is the price breakdown for shipping into SOCAL
LA County tax is 9.75%
Zin + tax_______$9.15X6=54.90
Pinot + tax____$11.35X6=68.04

So it appears you are saving a bit direct from the winery but these wines are widely available here in California and the actual retail is closer to $8-12 on both.

the point is, i think, these is nothing special to woot for… just visit some local wine store to get some i you really want to drink some…

And to put this in perspective, the Wellington case cost $140 and if I’m correct they all retailed for ~25.

Actually the pinot noir at TJ’s is $9.99. I tried it once and wasn’t impressed. It is okay, but nothing special. A good everyday drinker.

Is the owner, Greg Popovich, the Spurs coach, Greg Popovich?

Yes, I’ve had a Castle Rock PS (and still have a couple bottles hanging around), and it was syrupy, flat, and overoaked. I’m not buying much these days, but this is an easy pass.

It doesn’t help that I saw a literal wall of Castle Rock Chardonnay at Harris Teeter the other day, although that isn’t dispositive (there is decent grocery store wine out there).