Castle thread

I didn’t like Montgomery dying!!!

Next year, do you think they’ll have Beckett getting Montgomery’s job? Or they’ll have a new boss that they can’t stand and don’t get along with.

And the whole prison knew that guy was being transferred there and why? And they guy just lays there???

And I don’t understand this whole story line. I really don’t know yet what this is about.

I didn’t fully undertand who the guy was that just layed there and was killed. Was he one of the cops that was dirty?

I bet they bring in another boss. I didn’t like that Montgomery was one of the dirty cops. I was shocked!

Yeah, he was one of the three.

But I still don’t know what it’s all about or why her mother was killed.

Yeah, they need to really explain why her mom was killed. It’d be nice if they’d do a recap episode of the whole plot line. I Orc was confused which guy it was that Becket was going to see, since she shot the guy that killed her mother.

I don’t like that Montgomery died either. It was almost one of those, oh we’re serious writers we can kill our characters look at us. I can’t see Becket as the captain, it’s too early in the show for that.

Also what was with Castle smirking when he looks down at Kate after she has been shot, then getting all serious and concerned and saying he loves her?

The episode was pretty good, but it really did need a lead in recap episode to help it along.

Yeah, the lead-in it had was too fast and too choppy.