Castle Vineyards Red Quartet Update - NEW VINTAGE

I’m clearly impressed by this winery! They’ve found a way to spend time in the forum AND meet the demand for their product. Thanks Castle!

sigh well, I’m in for two. Couldn’t hold off. Damn…

Castle Vineyards Red Quartet Update - NEW VINTAGE
$54.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Castle 2001 Sonoma Valley Merlot
1 Castle 2003 Los Carneros Pinot Noir
1 Castle 2002 Syrah
1 Castle 2003 Pinot Noir Durell Vineyards

Thanks for the opportunity to WOOT for 3 after missing the first go-around. I was kicking myself for missing it ROUND 1, but appreciate the redemption!

Wow…I missed out yesterday. Lucky break that I checked tonight! Too bad I can’t afford more than 1!

As it is 10 below in Iowa at the moment, I trust you’ll hold on to this for a bit until it isn’t so stupidly cold here…


Ahhhh…I feel better now. Woot redemption. My husband is the devil and always wants me to wine.woot but we barely missed it on Monday. :slight_smile: Haha!

Thanks WineDavid (and Toni?) for the second chance.

Now I can post that I’m in instead of just making smart cracks. Truly looking forward to the Pinots especially. takes ~10 days to get to me. Weather during that time looks as good as can be expected for this time of year (mid 20s during the day).

…and a big THANK YOU to the folks at Castle Vineyards for making this re-wootification happen. I’m secretly cursing you at the same time, but judging from the comments you’ve made, I’ll be thanking you later.

In for two more… I’m not sure how much longer I can afford wine.woot.

Corrado, it’s been that cold down here in SoCal. (OK, at night, but we’re not use to the cold.) :slight_smile:

ordered one right away sunday night and had to jump in again tonight after seeing the comments from toni responding so quickly to all the questions…really look forward to tying their wines and got confirmation that the first order was shipped yesterday.

Yes, we monitor extreme cold weather areas and hold until it warms up a bit.

As always, you guys rock.

Dang…like everyone else I’ve been spending way too much money on wine.woots but loving every minute of it. I thought my pocketbook had dodged a bullet with the early sellout from Sunday but all the comments left me with the old “if only” longing. And now you guys come back with this mid-week offer. You suck. But I’m in for 1. Thanks guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, my first wine.woot purchase.

I love reds, I love Sonoma county and I look forward to cracking these open.

couldn’t pass this up, looks good

Thanks wine.woot

Would have been awesome to see Mass. pop up in the ship to states with this new offering…

Thanks for the second chance! Looking forward to trying this; I’m sure I’ll be pleased.

You could have it shipped to me. I will be traveling to Mass. on business in March; I’ll be glad to bring you what I haven’t consumed by then!