Castle Vineyards Red Quartet


that looks just AWESOME.


I got one. I figure WineDavid hasn’t steered me too far off course in the past, so just giving it a try won’t hurt too much.


Gots to be better than the Nicholson Ranch. Although, I wouldn’t have minded a switch in the appellations. I’ve got a soft spot for Sonoma Pinots.


Some Info:


Sweet. I’ve gone black. I’m officially better than you. And first sucker. This is a momentous wooting day for me.


oh are you kidding?

i just had to look at the title in my wootalert to know i wanted it.

and arizona’s not on the list.


Bah - No Arizona yet again - this is starting to suck




hey at least it isnt fess parker. might be worth a shot…carneros wines can be interesting.


Looks like this one’s destined to be an early sellout.


Had to get a set. These wines look too good to be true. Has anyone found any tasting notes/reviews yet?


You got me at “Hello”!

I adore pinot noir, & enjoy a good syrah. And, from what I can tell, you can only buy this wine through the tasting room (in town) or directly from the winery. Normally I like to hear from the winery first, but…

…in for 2!


The only wine of the same vintage listed on their site is the 2003 Pinot, so it looks like this offering may be something special, and price comparisons are going to be difficult.

Prices for the others (direct):

$18 - 2003 Los Carneros Pinot Noir
$22 - 2003 Syrah (woot’s is a 2002)
$16 - 2002 Sonoma Valley Merlot (Woot’s is a 2001)

If we figure the Durell Vineyard Pinot is somewhere between their $18 2003 and their $24 Estate (lets say $20) then the value, direct, of this woot is around $76. Not too shabby.



I did find some comments in a forum that were VERY favorable, but not necessarily for these exact wines…

(It is a message board at In particular, a thread about the Castle Vineyards new tasting room.) Wasn’t sure if I’m allowed to post a link or not.


2002 Castle, Los Carneros Pinot Noir, California (92 Points) $17.99/bottle
Awards: double gold, 2003 SFIWC bronze, 2003 Sonoma County Harvest Fair 3 hearts, 2003 Pinot Noir shoot out


I’m in for a couple.

The single vineyard Pinot interests me most here. Durell Vineyards has a great rep for growing Chardonnay(Kistler, DeLoach, Chat St. Jean) and Pinot Noir(Saxon Brown, Loring, Steele, Chat St. Jean). Saxon Brown sent me a ‘05 Durell Hayfield Block Pinot in December as part of their wine club selection that was ~$45-50, but was outstanding. Castle’s 1997 and 99 Durell Vineyards’ Pinot Noirs were $30-35 and got 90 and 89 ratings at Wine Enthusiast. I hope this Pinot compares favorably with the previous ones and with the Saxon Brown.


Couldnt resist this one, looks yummy


I agree…this looks right up my alley, no need for further discussion. But, NOOOOOOOOOO, no massachusetts again! This is killing me! Even though I have never seen the list of shipping states change during the week, I know I will have to check every day, keeping that small ember of hope alive…until it is cruelly stomped out at the end of the week! Sigh.


I can’t wait! 2 Pinot’s, a Merlot and a Syrah! I’m going to need to throw a wine party just so I can taste everything!