Castle Vineyards Red Quartet

Explain this “wootalert” of which you speak. : )

This one looks very tempting. Will have to check out the WAF (wife acceptance factor) on this first. It’s also rather cold here in MN (about time, actually) so not sure I want to ship at this point.

This is like the perfect woot for me. I love Pinots and Syrahs. Alas, no NJ!!!

It’s okay, wife would kick my butt if I bought $60 worth of wine [though if the Monkey Prize from the woot-off is any indication, it wouldn’t get here until like, March anyway].

Curious to see folks’ reviews of this [always am].

I had to get in for one on this. It’s a great combo.

I am a little worried about shipping to MN since it’s gotten cold (and snowy as of this morning).

Oh boy…now this woot is a hoot…can’t pass this week…predicting a sell out…we’ll see

I am in for three!

Send him your email or text address (VzW’s text email is , replacing “your7digitnumber” with your actual cell number)

Gotta check the finances, but I like the look of this one. 2 Pinots? yeeeeeeeeha!

Castle Vineyards Red Quartet
$54.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 Castle Vineyards 2002 Pinot Noir Durell Vineyards
1 Castle Vineyards 2001 Sonoma Valley Merlot
1 Castle Vineyards 2003 Los Carneros Pinot Noir
1 Castle Vineyards 2002 Syrah

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Nice hooters.

Excuse me?!

The owls, they’re beautiful.

Hard to find much about this winery which makes this woot even better, nice small production flying under the radar. Notice that these wines are 100% malolactic fermentaion so expect smoother silky wines.

trying to decide how many lots to buy.

Taken from their website…

3-1/2 Stars - Syrah, 2001 Sonoma Valley
“A rich, concentrated syrah, gamy and spicy, with flavors of blueberry, blackberry and toast. Note of gardenia.”
Panel: Larry Van Aalst, sommelier of Equus Restaurant; Stefan Soltysiak, director of education, Rodney Strong Vineyards; Renay Santero, wine buyer for Oliver’s Markets; and PD wine columnist Peg Melnik.

March 23, 2005
Easter Pinot Noir

3-1/2 Stars - Pinot Noir, 2001 Los Carneros, Estate Vineyard
“Juicy, tart and tangy. A true pinot noir. Aromas and flavors of red plum, tart cherry and hay.”
Panel: Jeff Cox, PD restaurant reviewer; Larry Van Aalst, sommelier of Equus; Ziggy Eschliman, “The Wine Gal,” KRSH, KNOB, KXTS, and PD wine columnist Peg Melnik

The Castle estate vineyard covers 16 acres in the Los Carneros appellation just north of San Francisco. We purchase the best grapes available from various Sonoma Valley growers, with whom we have long- term contractual relationships. By sourcing fruit from different vineyards throughout the valley, we are able to showcase the best and unique characteristics of each varietals we produce. Our winemaker remains involved with the growers in the development of the fruit from bud to harvest. Therefore, the vineyard that provided the fruit for the wine is usually designated on our label”

We are monitoring the weather making sure it’s safe to send out to a specific region. If daily temps are in the teens- we will hold the package a couple of days til the weather warms up. the packaging on these babies are very well insulated - so most of the time it will be fine. We will hold MN if you order today for instance.

This looks like a really great combo … and the descriptions sound good. But seems to be a lack of any ratings (WS, WE, cellartracker) or folks that have tried these before.

It would also be good to hear from the vintners / winery on this offer (a little more about the wines, how soon they should be consumed, recent tastings of these vintages, etc.)


In for 1. I’ve been waiting for some Pinot Noirs to come up.

I just got 1. This is my first ever wine.woot.


I just got 3 confirmation emails, please tell me I wont be charged 3 times over?
but if you want to send out 2 lot’s X 3 thats fine :slight_smile:

please check guys.

I only see one order (for a quantity of 2) in the system, so you should be in good shape. Should you notice anything out of place, feel free to email

Thanks Gatzby

Most of these (except the Merlot) have only been recently released at end on 2006 (which may explain why there are so few reviews). So I assume the bottles have been sitting somewhere for the 1 to 2 years after the 18 to 19 months of barrel aging.
Quick question: How was this wine kept after it comes out of barrel aging but before its release date; and what actually goes into the decision of when to release your wine (pop a few corks now and then to see how it is coming along etc?).

Looks good to me. I am in for one. My second woot! Woo hoo!!