Castoro Cellars 2008 Oakenshield Wineworks Paso Robles Primitivo - 4 Pack

Castoro Cellars 2008 Oakenshield Wineworks Paso Robles Primitivo - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Castoro Cellars 2008 Oakenshield Wineworks Paso Robles Primitivo
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Glad it isn’t Coppola Diamond. Doubly glad it isn’t Petite Sirah, which except for Wellington, Caton, Harvey, or Corison, is the only thing I would break my WLTFIWBM (Wine Lockers Totally FULL Imposed Wine Buying Moritorium).

But I am tempted. Castoro has had some good juice, IIRC.

Aw man what is this? What happened to the wheat grass?

The fuzz was onto us, man … there was no wheat, dude!! :wink:

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Previous offering on Oct 11, 2011 (someone help me with link I’m on mobile web)

Would this wine be recommended for someone like myself who is just getting into wine tasting?

That was a Pinot Noir it looks like.
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WineWoot, I am dissapoint. $64.99 ($16.49/btl) for 4 bottles of Paso Robles Zinfandel they’re trying to make sound fancy by calling Primitivo when I can buy FANTASTIC actual Italian Primitivo for under $10 a bottle? Sad.

If Castoro’s Track record as a vendor to Trader Joe’s is any indication, this Primitivo should be very good. I had an opportunity to try some 2009 juice that was private labeled (but listed Castoro as the vintner) and it was fantastic.

I know I’ve been pleased with their wines from any end of the price scale.

This is a high alcohol Zinfandel. Do you like Zin? Likely very fruity and spicy and ‘hot’!

I’ll say… 15.9% alc, woohoo! (or as Stillman Brown would say… 32 Proof!)

That would concern me a little, as well as the possibility that it would be too oaky for my taste from the approximately 1.5 years in year-old American Oak.

But as this is one of the rare domestic offerings that doesn’t ship to Ohio, guess I don’t have to worry about it, haha.

The write-up does mention that this Primitivo was awarded a silver medal in a SF Chronicle event so it must be pretty good for those who enjoy something with this flavor profile.

You just sold me on it. I actually have pretty good luck with Californian High-octane Zin.

I’ve not seen one quite this high although I liked the 15.5% InZinerator just fine - quite a bit, actually. I don’t mind some hotness as long as it doesn’t dominate and/or carry all the way through the finish.

I do like the oak to be subtle though, so that would be my biggest concern, were I eligible to purchase this deal!

Why is there wine on!!!

Ah…Thorin’s label…had this at the Prancing Pony and can vouch for it…great stuff!

Found a 2006 reference that was listed for 22.95 but didn’t seem to find any pricing on the 2008. Didn’t find it on their web page either.

Anyone have pricing data on the 2008 vintage?

Assuming its consistent, then this is at $16.25 this would be $6.65 off or 29% discount. Reasonable deal, but not a woot! deal in my view.

I do say kudos’ to the winery for going organic, however didn’t see if their wines are sulfite free ???

You could get this if the winery chose to get the permit to ship to your state or mine.

i my experience, it depends o your preference and style. I tend to like european-leaning wines, but like good fruit in “hybrid” approaches like some of Peter Wellington’s, but i have found a high-alcohol Xinfanel I like: the Redemption Zin from the Alexander valley people in the Sin Zin line. Huge alcohol (16%+ I think) and it’s unabashed fruit fruit and fruit! And it works. It’s not the wine I grew up with in LAncashire, but it’s great stuff. Another drink entirely.

OTOH I did’t like the hot Zins from the otherwise excellent Pedroncelli. The Hayward Zins grew on me… not so fruit, more earthy, dark amost creosoty favours like an Australian wine, but had interesting flavours once opened a while and once I’d thrown away my prjudices.

Love to hear from the winemaker… but high alcohol doesn’t always mean bad things… it’s famous for making higher-alcohol wines due tot he way it grows.