Castoro Cellars 2008 Oakenshield Wineworks Paso Robles Primitivo - 4 Pack

Hey Niels…thanks for joining us and Happy New Year! BTW for those that are asking, if I’m not mistaken the wine sells for $23.95 a bottle at the winery.

in for one

Well said…long may your lum reek! :wink:

Just wondering, why isn’t this wine on the winery web site? Or did I miss it:)

I want to take the plunge… but am concerned about the description that it is more earthy than most zins… can this be clarified? I hate wine that has that dirt flavoring!! But I love zins… :slight_smile:

we don’t always have all the wine on the website. Those are the wines currently available there. I like making many different wines (my wife says too many!) but it makes it interesting everytime you visit as you never know exactly what treats await…

Dirt no good - earth good! What I mean is the fruit is not the dominant character. It is there since it is Zin but you get some pepper and a pleasant loaminess (does that make sense?). I have not found a Zin lover that doesn’t fall for this wine!

Happy New Year to you too!
Yes - you are right about the price

You make it awfully tempting…still concerned about fruit not being dominant… on the other hand… I could try something different… hmmmm decisions, decisions…

There is plenty of fruit. Be brave, if you don’t like it call me at the winery. :slight_smile:

With an offer like that, how can I not buy?!! Thanks!!

edit…just clicked the big button!!! In for one!!

That is sweet! Happy New Year. Please come by the winery sometime.

Wish I could… I live far far away from CA…

road trip!

Sort of depends on the types of wine you are enjoying now. Can you tell me the style you like?

ilcastoro: pay no attention to our resident wine curmudgeon, overall great guy and budding SNL non-comedian.

I wish!!!

Thanks for all the feedback and questions. Stillman is also a good friend and we exchange wines often.
Have a great NEW YEAR 2012

I bought due to this response. Thanks! Just finished bottle 2 and still pouring! Everyone loves it!