Castoro Cellars Rare White - 4 Pack

Castoro Cellars Rare White - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2009 Gewürztraminer
1 2007 Reserve Marsanne
1 2008 Reserve Roussanne
1 2007 Viognier Stone’s Throw
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Oh my yes, please!

I often see Castoro Cellars at Trader Joes.
I will have to check it out and see if they happen to have any of these.

After further review the number of cases made of each of these wines tells me that Trader Joes probably will not have these.

A rare miss for Ohio. Too bad, I would have gone in on this one.

you are right - these are rare whites by us

Congrats on being the first! I love making these small lots for our visitors at the tasting room to enjoy! Cheers!


What’s the drinking window on these?

Very nice selection!

I am sorry too. Please write your congressman! Dumb alcohol laws makes it hard for us to ship to Ohio.

Drinking window? Mmmm… I’d say tomorrow if I had a corkscrew! Seriously, I like my whites fairly fresh but the Rhone wines do pick up a nice bottle bouquet with a few years of age

The only restriction with Ohio is if the winery produces more than 250,000 gallons per year, which I assume must be the case with Castoro?

I guess the idea is to make it easier for Ohio wineries to compete with out of state merchants by crippling the ability of the largest producers to ship their wines directly to Ohioans.

I just checked and the same restriction applies for shipping to Ohio retailers so I guess I won’t be able to find them in stores here, either - bummer!

Thank you! We’ve been having such a good time puttering around vineyards in New England, that I quite expect we’ll end up planning a Cali wine tour in the not-too-distant future.

In all seriousness, these have been in bottle longer than most of the whites that I drink on a regular basis - and I’ve been burned by 3-4 year-old whites that simply fell apart before I opened them.

Can you describe what makes these different in that regard, either in regard to the varietals or the wine-making technique? I have definitely enjoyed recent Roussanne and Gewurtz offerings here from Wellington, Rasmussen, and Claiborne & Churchill, but those were all 2009s.

Someday there will be free trade between the states

Interesting question, as I noticed that neither of the 2007 vintages are available on the winery’s website.

Probably our winemaking technique does make a difference. Careful avoidance of oxygen during vinification, a cool fermentation and gentle bottling keep the freshness around longer. We have been at this with the same winemaking team for over 20 years! I guarantee everything!

we hold lots for our wine club and since I love making many lots from different vineyards we can’t have them all available at once. The on-line list reflects our current tasting list

Please come by - our tasting room is a real treat

See you all in the morning!
Good night, niels AKA beaver (owner and gofer!)

There would have to be a tasty looking white deal when my “cellar” (read: basement) is full of whites. Not to sound, you know, racist or anything.