Castoro Cellars Reserve Tempranillo 2005 Trio


Castoro Cellars Reserve Tempranillo 2005 Trio
$48.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
product(s): 3 Castoro Cellars Reserve Tempranillo 2005

Uh oh… Tempranillo. Sounds pretty fine (and I haven’t even read the juicy tid-bits of the product description yet!)

Got a nice chuckle out of this:


Bottled: April 9, 2007

~1 month in the bottle? should we maybe hold off on opening it right away?


I don’t normally read the fine print on these woots, but can anyone give me some idea of what to expect of a wine that was just bottled a month ago?


Hmm, and I like Tempranillo… Now the question is quantity…


Good call on this…you are the 3rd level Google Master


I think Corrado should be a level unto himself…

The Corrado level Google Master…


The write-up is a bit suggestive of low stocks isn’t it?


Yep, I caught that, too.

Should we dare ask Niels what the drinking window is for fear that we’ll be taunted again by the cast-offs from the main woot site?

In what way? Reasonable sized production and a wine released less than a month ago.


mmm sounds tasty… I don’t want it to have to sit for 6 months!


I have an endorsement from my friend who used to work there that the 2004 was good (he hasn’t tasted the 2005), I know it’s a little like the winemaker saying he likes the wine, but since he no longer works there I count it as an objective endorsement.

I’m in for a set (wine fridge has exactly 2 bottles worth of space in it, can probably make it 3 by the time this shows up).


last sentence sort of hints at low stocks:


man. i would have DEFINITLY gone in on a temparnillo at this price. i ve NEVER been steered wrong by this varietal. any chance az being off the list is a mistake like a few weeks ago, winedavid?


Uhhh Google Masters dont have levels.


Is this from Napa?


nope they are from san miguel.
oh to woot or not to woot.
not sure if i want 3 of the same wine when i’ve never had any of it before =P

for everyone asking about it just being bottled, the description also has it sitting in the barrel for 13 months.

Tempranillo wines can be consumed young, but are considered at their best when aged, especially in oak barrels. They are lightly coloured and age well in both American and French oak. Tempranillo’s aromas and flavors usually combine the elements of berries, plum, tobacco, vanilla, leather and herb.

(from wiki)


Improperly stated question. The question is whether you want 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of a case of this fine wine. :slight_smile:


well! i’ve never even had this type of wine before, i’m hesitant to get 3 of something i’ve never tried. I’d usually be all over it, but i’ve spent about 350$ in the last 3 days on ebay and vinfolio for wine =( and i still plan on going to san diego wine co. in the next week.

and i’m not sure this is such a huge discount, cause the 2004 sold for 15$ each (according to the intraweb) If this was say… 39.99? i’d probably be all over it.

oh and uh. i have no where to put it. i haven’t had time to go cooler/rack shopping yet =P


You can pick up some Rioja’s relatively inexpensively. I particularly like the Marques De Riscal, which you can get for around $10-$13. Not sure if these are made in a similar style, but it might give you a glimpse of the type.

Also, FWIW it appears the 2004 tempranillo was $20/bottle from the winery, ($16 on sale last may and August). But of course it remains to be seen what this vintage will sell for.


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