Castoro Reserve Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara 2007

Castoro Reserve Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara 2007
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PRODUCT: 3 Reserve Pinot Noir Santa Barbara 2007
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I can’t find any tasting notes that would stand out or let me compare it to something I drink/know off the top of my head. Anyone had this and have something to compare it to?

Edit: to woot staff I love you. Second, can we have any kind of hint as to whether or not there will be a good red Meeker this woot off?? I just don’t want to deplete my set aside Woot-off funds if there will be another black tie buy or something along those lines!

We always visit Castoro when we’re in the Paso Robles region (typically March of each year). Overall they make good red wines. I can’t recall trying this particular Pinot though… But I can’t recall ever disliking a Pinot I’ve tried there either. I believe regular price is $21.95/bottle.

Just sitting here at the winery waiting for the last load of grapes to come in so thought I would write. This Pinot was crushed four years ago almost to the day. All Bien Nacido fruit and very ripe. 2007 was much warmer than this year! Grab this one while you can.
Tom Myers, winemaker

Would love to see a Cab Franc or a Barbera or something a little… different. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good Pinot Noir or Cab Sauv or Zin, of course!

It’s just been awhile for some varieties. I almost bit on that Kunde offering though…

Decided to pick some up. You really can’t go wrong with this deal.

Tasting notes and facts:
As I mentioned above 2007 was a warm season resulting in well ripened fruit. You get a lot of jammy cherry aromas/flavors. Went 10 months in French and hungarian oak, so look for some sweet spice in this. The ripeness also makes for a fat/lush mouthfeel.

you convinced me! It always feels good to click that ridiculously large gold button :slight_smile:

Given the somewhat high pH of 3.91, how would you expect this to cellar, and for how long?

First off, thank you very very much for joining the discussion! Second, I had one question–I like the above description, but the Woot! one notes the vanilla prominently. Personally I’m not big on vanillay wines, but your notes don’t mention it as far to the front–is this a strong flavor or more of a subtle hint?

Comments from 9th annual Pinot Noir Shootout ( [Shootout? Don’t you hate names like that?]:

Castoro Cellars 2007 Reserve Pinot Noir
Santa Barbara County, $21.95
736 cases produced

Female: Rich and bold cherry, rhubarb, and spice aromas. Interesting dusty fruit on the palate. Lots of spice, Dutch Cocoa, espresso powder, and cinnamon on the finish. 89
Male: "Love the texture. Good spice and red fruit balance. Bring on the Beef Bourguignon, Julia!" 89

Good observation. Actually my records show 3.81 at the time of bottling but,granted, that is still on the high side. I would that maybe this is not a long ager but in trade it has a lot of flavor intensity. Would be happy to field any other questions/comments.

Also, for anyone who became concerned by the woot! description, Jerry Mathers is, in fact, very much alive.

There are some mocha qualities which are often a result of oak ageing but in this wine I get more cherry, tea, and sweet spice along the lines of cinnamon

Wait? You think they tell us these things? Silly Wine Wooter. Peeks are for those above my pay grade.

You’ve sold me, in for two! :slight_smile:

…hi there. I had a taste of this about a month ago, and I have to say I think the vanilla is a bit in the backseat compared to the ‘sweet spice’ notes. Cherry fruit and sweet spice. This wine is an easy-drinker, and especially at today’s Woot price falls into that category of “Pinots at or below $20 that I like to drink…” So many of the Pinots in this price range are heavy-handed and lacking in the fruit department. Not this one.

I’m in the middle of an online exam! Is there going to be another Maryland offering?! I don’t want to keep checking if not!

Soooo good to hear, thank you. I live in the land of Pinots (Oregon), and while yes many are “easy to drink” and I’d say decent, being someone who gravitates more towards heavier reds I often find myself unimpressed with the less fruity pinots (though the Gazzi Estates one that has been on here a couple times is pretty good). I’m looking forward to trying this one out, as a forward cherry/jammy pinot with a spice finish sounds great!