Casual Friday the 13th

I just want to know what’s in that cup!

I didn’t know this shirt needed a sequel until right now.

For some reason the untied shoelace cracks me up.

This shirt is great. Considering for the first time in 666 years Halloween falls on Friday the 13th…

Makes me wish we had casual Friday.

Well, the t-shirt on the t-shirt looks cheerful despite the things it might have seen ; )

Very astute observation!

I read that artist’s name as “Blair Slayer” at first and thought that was highly appropriate and then was a little disappointed to re-read it correctly.

Don’tcha mean Friday the 31st?

I don’t lol at many shirts, but this one got me. Good job!

Or cheerfully traumatized.


All work and no play. Nicely done, hopefully these get expedited shipping.

Naw, I read it on the internet so it must be true. Crazy right?

What’s the big deal? That’s how I dress, on Fridays.

My nickname is actually Beer Slayer

I was about to Google this to verify and then I realized that Halloween is always on the 31st ._.

nice one

So, is he wearing his casual mask on business days or his business mask on casual Friday?

Awesome idea man- heh
Hope it does well!

I find his kitty shirt highly appropriate, given he never kills animals. Good boy, Jason, you’re mama’s special boy!

Do these shirts shrink. I’m in between sizes and would rather wash in hot water and shrink a XL instead of getting a L and it being too tight. Thanks in advance for your knowledge of woot shirts.