Casual Friday

Too bad they still have to wear their helmets on casual Friday.

Dude, get this guy a White Russian!

I can’t decided whether the armpit hair is a great design detail, or vaguely gross.

Either way, funny shirt.

Funny, I always pictured them as more of a boxer-briefs type.

You got me again with the wars… Can’t help but buy anything to do with the wars… I don’t even know why

Senor Womp Rat’s sounds fun, but I’d rather go to Toshi Station to see the Power Converters.

(Robot Chicken oblig:

That’s pretty cool… These aren’t the shirts you’re looking for!

I remember when woot shirts could be really great things, and not simply wanna-be thinkgeek merchandise.


I love that storm troopers wear those cheap sandals you get at Big K! They even have those circular prongs that wear off after one day!

That’s disturbing on so many levels, but mostly because I thought it was a skirt and not shorts.

I got one word for this shirt:

“These aren’t the shorts I was looking for.”

Guessing this will not rank Most Lady Friendly…lol!

I thought the armpit hair was a tattoo at first of vader which would have been awesome!

90% gross, 10% good design detail.

Looks like the creepy guy who never does any work, drops by your cubicle just to chat (for an hour) and thinks all the women want him. Shudder.

Not sure if I can wear this on casual Friday. Coworkers currently love guessing my Woot Shirt meanings.

I know he doesn’t get any sun (probably needs vitamin D supplements), but shouldn’t his skin be a shade or two darker? Jango Fett wouldn’t be proud.

So this is why TK-421 wasn’t at his post…

And I love to refresh the page to see which of the Republic’s (USA, not Old…) states is nerdiest. And most single.