Casual Home Pet Crate End Table- 2 Sizes

What is the color on this? It looks reddish, but the same item on Amazon is listed as either black or espresso.

Reviews over at Wayfair

what is the biggest site?

More of an espresso. It’s like a cross between the two

The big one can hold a very large dog. Not a great dane.

I should have got the small one but it wasn’t available when I bought it last month.

Easy to put together. Sturdy and looks great.

I bought the large one a few months back. It didn’t come with instructions or any hardware to connect the pieces. Stay away.

Nothing says your pet is a part of the family like jamming them in a box in your living room and setting drinks on them.

Some people like to refer to their dogs as their children to somehow justify allowing them on the furniture, but what if I refer to my children as “feral dogs”? Is it then ok to place them in these crates at night?

I’ve always wondered about these. Is there a removable bottom? I can’t imagine if a dog were to be sick inside and then having to drag the thing outside to hose it out.

I’d love to get the big plastic crate out of my living room and replace it with this though.

A rectangle is a 2 dimensional polygon. You meant a right parallelepiped.

I’m sorry for the problems. I hope you contacted our customer service for assistance.

These are new so they come with the necessary hardware for assembly.

Heh. Rectangle sells better. :tongue:

We have a medium sized wooden crate that is a slightly different version of this one, and it’s fantastic. The one difference is the front door panel doesn’t seem to be removable - you need to remove the door. This makes it a pain if you actually need to use it as a crate for holding purposes, as you need to put the door back on.
The base is not removable as the sides attach to the base.

Our small border collie (under 40 lbs) was crate trained and even as an older dog would nap in her “room” or retreat there when overwhelmed. We didn’t want her to be without her space, but the wire crate we were using was ugly in the living room. We put a memory-foam bathmat in there for comfort and slid the front door panel out and she loved it.

We have a new bc puppy and are waiting until we are sure she won’t gnaw on the wood to switch out the old wire crate with this wooden one.

What kind of wood is this made of?

Answers to Questions

COLOR: Espresso is the finish. Dark brownish red is the appearance in person

WOOD: Combination MDF and Pine

I wish that it came with the puppy from the product image.

So cute!

Er I mean… Good lookin Dog there! Now excuse me while I go eat red meat and google hammers!

I’ve thought about buying one of these to use as a night stand. I have 2 dogs that love their crates. My Labrador prefers to sleep in her bed in our bedroom though, where as our Shar-Pei won’t lay on a bed, she goes straight to her house. I just can’t decide if this is a good purchase. Is it large enough for a 90lb Labrador? The plastic crates, while maybe an eyesore are portable. I think maybe this is something I should build as MDF and Pine are the wood of poor people and I don’t know about longevity.


I was thinking of getting a nice crate for my 90lb lab but I think this is too small.

From the WayFair site.

  • Primary Material: Wood
  • Hardware Material: Stainless steel
  • Pet Size (29.25" H x 24" W x 36.5" L Size): Medium (25 - 50 lbs)
  • Pet Size (24.25" H x 20" W x 27.5" L Size): X-Small (10 lbs or less); Small (10 - 25 lbs)
  • Chew Proof: No
  • Portable: No
  • Airline Approved: No
  • Handles Included: No

What size is good for a medium-sized dog? Say 40-50 pounds (English Springer Spaniel)?