Cat Basics

All right. This is so true that it’s painful. Also wonderful.

I always wondered about that. Thanks for the enlightenment, ApeLad.

I know! It’s been more than a whole day!


Cat Fits Cat Sits Cat Fits in Bits

Kitten Sittin’ very Fittin’ :slight_smile:

Cats: very serious about the cutes.

I see Maru is sharing his vast knowledge with his minions.

It is amusing to see what my 3 felines will try to climb into, especially the youngest (and biggest) who is a big fluffy dope.

I remember the good old days, when t-shirts shipped for free. Every time I see that shipping charge, I remove it. It doesn’t cost them 5 bucks to ship these in an envelope

Enuff wit all da kitty shirtz. Soz boring.

The shipping was built into the price. Since 2012, shirts were $12.

$12 - $5 shipping = $7 base price now.

The difference is that with the cart, they everything ships for the same $5. There’s $0 added cost if buying only one shirt, but it’s a much lower cost if one is buying multiples.

Do you vote?

The weekly derby is one of the ways shirt.woot understands what Wooters like. More catshirt winning in the derby = more catshirts.