Are the cats at war with inhabitants of the Death Star or the Dog Star? Siriusly.

Have we reached a point in which all of SW could be recreated with cats?

(Not that I’m complaining; I like


More evil cat cuteness.

I think the appropriate verb is ‘will’ not ‘could’. Catshirtwoot knows no restraint

I love the design, but I really wish I could get the Cat-Cat without the “CAT-CAT”. I think the design would stand great on it’s own without any text.

Does it come on a tote bag? That’s the only thing you carry in my size.

That armor’s too strong for blasters.

Oh man, such a good design ruined again with text. Why do woot shirt designers always think people won’t “get it” with an explanation? I would love to buy one of these without the “Cat Cat” text.