Cat Cora 8" Chef's Knife

This knife is $28.68 on Amazon, but there aren’t any reviews there.

Almost chopped off my finger when I first got this and went to clean it. LOVE this knife. The weight is awesome and the blade is sharp.

Only had it for a couple weeks, but using it almost every day and I can’t see any decline on how sharp it is.

(in my best Aussie accent)

now thats a knife…

Shipped for free with amazon prime $26.68

My summary of the verdict: Not bad, but you can spend your money in better ways.

This is a pretty nice knife. If you want a great one for a lower price, or if you procrastinate too much on this one, check out this one:
EDIT: The Victorinox comes with a lifetime warranty. Although a 5 year one is nice, lifetime is (usually) better.

at a bit of a loss considering this is cheaper on (woot’s parent site) with free shipping than it is on a woot off with $5 shipping. i would assume they’d charge less here so you’re actually saving money.

Where did your sense of humor go woot?

Actually chromium and other metals make the stainless steel less corrosion prone, higher carbon content means more apt to rust.