The fish in the picture cracks me up. He is staring so hungrily at the cat treats being swatted.

I bought the litter box with the clear swinging door the last time it was on WOOT. I’ve been a cat owner for 25+ years and this is the best litter box I’ve seen. BIG inside, and it really does control the amount of litter that escapes the pan.

Can anyone comment about the decorative cat scratcher? How long does it last? Does your cat actually use it?

The Catit senses circuit is great…my cats play with it constantly and have for 3 years. However, it’s $2 cheaper on Amazon (and free shipping with Prime), so…yeah.

I tried that maze feeder thing for my cat and she just stood up on her hind legs and put her face in through the top to eat the pile directly. Then it toppled over. Yeah. Nice idea if you don’t have a gargantuacat.

how well does it work if the opening is facing the wall? That’s how I have it faced so the cat has a longer path to walk on the litter catch rug before getting of it.

I have six cats. One is a maine coon and he is overweight about
20 pounds and big boned. I originally bought 2 so I could have a box with a cover because he could not fit in any others that had lids.He fits in this one. These are very clean boxes that look nice and are made well. They can hold a lot of litter which is great. They are perfect for any household. I have a litter mat under it but the amount of litter that comes out is minimal compared to an open litter boxes. I just bought a third one because i love them so much. They work great. Also this deal is great because if you go to walmart you will pay more for a small box with a lid. Great product and deal, Hope this helps.

Any word on the small fish tank from previous woots?

I put mine in the corner of the bathroom, a perfect nook. From the swinging door and the wall (actually the start of the glass shower wall) is about 18 inches. It works fine! I put a litter catching mat there that you can pick up occasionally and put the litter outside. There’ actually room inside for 1 tray, and 2 baking soda boxes to control odor further.