Kinda scary, but I oddly like it.


boo, i wanted devil went down to GA


Good job Cho…Although I was kinda hoping for the lil devil…


Congrats, Cho! N41!


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Congrats, Cho! I’m seriously considering this one…I like it more every time I look at it. I’d normally say I’ll wait and see in the morning, but I fully expect this to be sold out by the time I haul myself out of bed.

Fable, I’m sad not to have seen your little devil!


I second that, but still congrats.


Best one of the three



Heres to hoping little devil’s tomorrow.


three days and three strikes. I want the devil went down to GA one…sigh. oh well. night all!


Best one of the three, I agree.

I am in for one.

Still want lil devil. :frowning: 4th place? Yes/Yes?

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


I couldn’t decide between that one and this one. I like this one too though. In for one.


Grats again Cho. Love the cats movements across the shirt.


Yes!! Cat-urday indeed. Worth staying up for.


P.S. I loled @ “We call this color: Asphalt As Lightning”


Heck - to the - Yes! In for 1, thanks Cho! :smiley:


super awesome Cho! got 2. just wish i could get Fable’s and Jimi’s too! Wish woot would run them Sunday and Monday


I’m allegic to cats so I’m out… :frowning: