Cat Furniture

Bought this almost three years ago for my cats off Amazon. It has a somewhat large footprint, but even in my 900 sq ft apartment, it wasn’t too big for a corner. They stay out of trouble with it…except when they fight for who gets the top tier on the tree…

What’s the deal with the covering material, nowadays? When last I bought a cat tree, everything was still carpet with either carpeted or rope-covered pillars. However, when I’ve been looking over the last year, it seems everything has gone to some weird (edit: faux fur) fabric instead of carpeting. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to this material? Some Amazon reviews (of other towers) suggest that it doesn’t last as long.

I don’t know about faux fur. My cats seem to prefer carpet to furry things.

I have a cat tree from over 20 years ago & it’s still going strong but it took that many years for the carpet to finally fail & it was more that it dry rotted than anything else. I could see the fur just coming unstuck or thinning a lot faster.

And some of these say they’re just covered in “ivory” whatever that means. In fact, what does that mean?

Would a cat without front claws have any problem reaching the upper parts (of the 78 inch one)?

Search the web, and you’ll discover that you can build a better cat tree in an afternoon for far less money. All you need are some carpet scraps, cardboard tubes (Used for concrete forms, available at any major home repair place), some sisal rope (For clawing), Gorilla glue, and lots of patience.

(Sorry, cat not included!)

My cats can’t stand this plush faux fur or whatever it is on the trees. They want some nice berber to claw up and grip. Plus it lasts longer and doesn’t look so cheesy. It’s cheap hence the switch by manufacturers.
Some of the carpeted ones these days are made of crappy carpet the falls apart the minute a claw goes in it too, so… one must be discerning.

Hey Woot! PTB-- Please get us some high quality cat trees. Thank you .

I got one of these last time, and my cats love it. They only claw at the sisal rope columns though, and sleep on the “fur” platforms. It was easy to put together, sturdy, and honestly an excellent deal compared to what I see in the big pet stores! I am very happy with my purchase and so are my felines!

I don’t know about you, but my time is worth at least $15/hr so unless I can build most of these pieces in under 4 hours I am betting it is better to just buy it and move on.

That appears to be a typo? At this link, they describe cover material as “Faux fur, Sisal rope.” This particular tree seems to get good reviews there, with 4 1/2 out of 5 stars over 109 reviews.

I bought one of these from Woot and wish that I didn’t. They are flimsy and not well made. The vertical risers are unstable and my large cat is afraid of the instability of the unit, so he won’t use it. The platforms are made of press board and bend easily. All in all, these are NOT worth it and should be avoided.

In addition, it took Woot over 3 weeks the ship the one I ordered. When I tried to cancel the order after a week, Woot didn’t respond for two more weeks and the day after they shipped it, so the order couldn’t be cancelled.


I got one of these the last time Woot offered them. My young cats love it and fling themselves around wildly on it. No instability problems.

I bought the Armarkat Classic Cat Tree 65" A6501 at Christmas a year ago for a large Maine coon cat. Easy to put together, very stable and she loves it. Even took it apart to use at a cat babysitter while we were on vacation. Easy to do and put back together when home and looks about the same as when we bought it. She constantly is rolling around on that highest ledge entertaining herself. No problems and recommend.

I’ll add that I paid more for mine on another website and it’s worth every penny. Looks good in the living room vs. some wood and carpet project.

Did anybody else read this in a Jerry Seinfeld voice?

When I saw, “Cat Furniture” I got all excited and thought it was some secrete code for something really cool, then I found out they really do make furniture for cats…who would have thunk it?

Got the Armarkat Classic Cat Tree 65" A6501 about 2 years ago for my two cats on Amazon. Overall, pretty happy with it. My cats are pretty active, so I had to tighten the screws a few times. And they tore off the little balls within a few weeks.

Tragically, they do not bother with the hammock or the little hut. They’re too cool for anything adorable.

Agreed, I had visions of my cat pulling out a mini sleeper sofa to lie on…

Sorry you aren’t happy with it.

It is hard for us to cancel orders as we release them for processing every couple hours.

I see that it shipped on the 3rd business day after your order and arrived on the 5th business day after that. I’m sure the delays of the two holidays and weekends made it seem longer though.

Or a, “Calico-uch”?

I bought the Armarkat A6202 Armarkat 62" Classic Cat Tree Beige for my cat over a year ago and he loves it! He’ll nap in the little hut, or sit on the top shelf or tube and stare out the window for hours. The sisal rope legs on all 3 tiers allow him to fully stretch and scratch. He doesn’t care for the hammock at the bottom, but I’ve found it to be a good place to gather all the cat toys.